the UNITED states’special envoy for north Korea, Stephen Biegun, calling North korea’s latest announcements ‘hostile and unnecessary’.

he says at a press conference in South korea’s capital, Seoul.

Speculation has recently sounded, to Biegun might try to improve the relationship between the UNITED states and north Korea prior to a deadline that north Korea has put at the end of 2019.

Here want the country to be american concessions, and that the sanctions against north Korea will be eased.

If this does not happen, will north Korea try to go ‘a new way’, however, is not specified.

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The last few weeks there have been a number of fierce actions from the north Korean regime, which claims to have conducted several tests at the Sohae facility, which has been used to send satellites up.

– We have heard them all, says Biegun on the announcements.

– It is regrettable that the tone of these announcements directed against the UNITED states, south Korea, Japan and our friends in Europe have been so hostile and negative, and so unnecessary.

For just a few days ago warned the general Pak Jong Chon from north Korea of “hostile forces”, including the UNITED states, must refrain from provocations, if they want to spend the end of the year in peace.

Tensions between the UNITED states and north Korea reached a peak in 2017, when the two countries ‘ leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, exchanged insults and mutual threats of conflict.

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the Countries ‘ relationship developed, however, a transition to the better, since Trump and Kim Jong-un in June 2018 in Singapore for the first time met each other.

It was touted as historic because it was the first time that a sitting american president was a leader of north Korea. The meeting resulted in a vague statement about the settlement of north Korean nuclear facilities.

In February of this year was Hanoi in Vietnam to host the second meeting between the two, and the page appears the relationship between the two countries to have been fixed.

How to want the USA’s special envoy, Stephen Biegun, however, that it continues.

He said that the U.S. is fully aware of the strong nuclear potential, north Korea has in relation to make a major provocation in the coming days’.

– Such an action would, to say the least be not very helpful in relation to to obtain lasting peace on The Korean Peninsula, he adds.

And directly addressed to the north Korea says Biegun:

– It is time that we do our work. Let’s get it done. We are here, and you know how I can get hold of us.