Liverpool are in the curious situation that the club Tuesday night to play out against Aston Villa in the League Cup, while on Wednesday night, a showdown against mexico’s Monterrey at the club WORLD cup in Qatar.

that is Why Jürgen Klopp has been forced to strongly prioritise one tournament over the other, and he has taken a strong squad to the club WORLD cup, while a younger and less-profiled squad must try to beat the Aston Villa.

However, the dilemma should not even exist, has the Liverpool manager repeatedly made aware of, and he reiterated his message at a press conference Tuesday in Doha.

– Now we are here, and so we focus on it, but if I in advance had been asked about the club WORLD cup should be in the middle of the season, so I would have said no, says Klopp, according to AFP.

the world Championship for the club WORLD cup is anything but loved by the european clubs who have the habit to win the tournament. The tournament is played in a place outside Europe, and it is always right up to christmas.

In an attempt to make the club WORLD cup more prestigious, The International Football federation (Fifa) changed the tournament date and format from 2021. The number of participants increases from 7 to 24 teams, and the tournament must be held every fourth summer.

Jurgen Klopp is not sure, however, that the tournament would be more appreciated because of it.

– it Can be a bigger tournament in the future? I know it is not. We must be sure that we have strong tournaments, but they must not run at the same time.

– All need to think about first. You can’t just add another tournament, that’s not working, says Klopp.

Even though Liverpool ended up in a peculiar situation, there are not only disadvantages of playing two matches – the semi-finals as well as bronzekamp or final in Qatar, he stresses.

– Now that we are here, I like to be here. We have many fans in this part of the world, and they will often follow our matches on the night, so it is good that we can be closer to them from time to time, says the German.

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