Creativity comes in many forms.

It is Erik Nielsen (S), who is the mayor of Guildford on 25. year, a vibrant example of this.

Although his private rødstensvilla is a paltry 850 metres from the town hall in the copenhagen suburb, he has acquired a state of the art borgmesterbil, in the form of a powered Mercedes, of the taxpayers ‘ money, which he personally runs in to and from the job.

It is contrary to the rules, establishes the Social – and the ministry of the Interior to Ekstra Bladet, because the car is a so-called tjenestebil, there are very stringent rules.

And the mayor apparently good.

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Therefore, he has seriously twisted and implemented a very smart, but questionable trick. He has been furnished a private car park with ladestander at the municipal nursing home, which is located just above his home.

On the way, believes the municipality, to the mayor’s use of tjenestebilen keeps within the rules. He runs namely not at all ‘between home and work’, reads the explanation.

Erik Nielsen can walk out of his driveway and over its quiet, residential street to plejehjemmets car park.

Less than 50 metres from his home waiting for the delicious Mercedes Benz GLC 350 Hybrid.

the Car is leased for a four-year period at a price of 8050 dollars per month, or nearly 400.000 dollars throughout the term of the lease, it appears by a note, which can be found on the municipal website. Leasingprisen incl. service, but without insurance. The list price of a car corresponding the mayor’s sounds today on the good 850.000 kroner without enhancement.

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file 1 of 3 the Mayor on the short walk from home to his Mercedes. Here he has just left his villa and goes over the quiet residential street to the parking lot. Photo: Anthon Unger 2 of 3 There is a path straight to the p-square. Photo: Anthon Unger 3 of 3 Erik Nielsen puts her things in the backseat before departure. Photo: Anthon Unger

the Municipality’s outlandish defense of Erik Nielsen’s use of borgmesterbilen is obtained in correspondence with a private Rødovre-citizen.

Here acknowledges Erik Nielsen’s chief of staff, Michael Trøjborg Thomsen, that the car is a common tjenestebil, ‘as the municipality’s other approx. 115 service cars’. It is not, therefore, purchased free for private purposes.

When the citizen wonder about the mayor’s interior design of a car park close up at home is the answer:

‘As previously stated, then put the question tjenestebil in the municipal area at the nursing home Engskrænten, where there is set up a ladestander. Thus, there is not talk about the drive between home and work,’ writes Michael Trøjborg Thomsen in an email from this autumn.

the chief of staff teaches also the citizen of that ladestanderen shame was erected, because the charging points at the town hall now being used by the municipality’s other employees.

the Rødovre Municipality is located in the state fattigliste of the municipalities, who need extra money. Thus, the municipality has received 20 million dollars in the ekstrabevilling to avoid the worst cuts.

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See the drive from city hall to the plejehjemmets car park. Video/editing: Linda Johansen, Signe Skov.

Extra Magazine asked Tuesday morning on the parking lot of Erik Nielsen’s house, why he has bought a Mercedes with a private parking space and ladestander for taxpayers ‘ money.

– I do not have any private tjenestebil, says Erik Nielsen.

however, He did not disclose who else is running in the car.

See the Auxiliary Magazine’s meeting with the mayor here at at. 20.00 in the evening.

The clever feint that Rødovre Municipality defends in rought terms for the common people to break the rules.

Erik Nielsen is running as always, even his Mercedes. And it does not go.

the official cars for mayors shall be used only for driving to and from work, if there is a driver that drives the car. In this way can the mayor take care of his work while driving.

It illuminates the Social and the ministry of the Interior to Ekstra Bladet, after the officials have been exploring the rules.

In a written answer explains the ministry:

‘It is also the ministry’s view that the drive to and from your own residence, when it takes place in the car without the driver, will not normally qualify as a professional driving. It is due to the mayor, when this even leads the car, for the most part will not be available for its work and its employees while driving, and that the car therefore in these cases can not serve as a rolling office.’

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Extra Magazine in a series of articles focusing on the use of taxpayers ‘ money in Rødovre. the Read more including.

First, we the municipality’s culture committee to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland for skatteyderkroner. It was on this occasion that the chairman of the committee Lene Due (S) refused to she was drinking draught beer, although billededokumentationen showed something else. The opinion has secured Rødovre an honorable candidate for the year nytårstorsk.

the Year nytårstorsk: Beer-benægteren

Pengegriseri in fattigkommune: High foam in The Blue Lagoon

committee Chairman: I do NOT have draft beer in your hand

Later revealed that the municipality has used a small million dollars to move a stone, as the people in the city has ever noticed.

Saves in older-laundry: Fråsepolitikere use to 800,000 on the rocks

Rødovre-citizens: the Poor, the municipality must not move the stones

The ice hockey-happy mayor Nielsen has also chosen to use a million dollars from the ailing community chest on a new big screen, even though many other teams do fine without it.

the Municipality was an invasion of england: Will guys million on ice hockey-big screen

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Actually, would the municipality rather have acquired an even more luxurious electric car to the mayor.

But a tjenestebil of the brand Tesla was still too much of the good has Erik Nielsen told to Rødovre Lokalnyt.

– It has been, but it is too big and too costly, said the mayor to the newspaper last year.

It is important with a presentable tjenestebil. What we get with this car, without it being too flashy, he continued, referring to Mercedes’one.

– There is an important value to choose a hybrid car.

the Mayor drove past in an Audi A6, Petrol.