Frank De Boer can be a part of satan.

It took FCK’eren Nicolai Boilesen out of, when the Dutch coach threw him in the fryseboksen in Ajax, and brazilian Gabriel Barbosa will unlikely point on the De Boer as his yndlingstræner …

He was nykåret OLYMPICS-winner, when he in 2016, switched to storsatsende Inter 220 million. kr.

Here was Frank De Boer just been a coach, and he was not much impressed by the attacker.

– I had not known much of him, but they told me that he was a great player. He thought he could do everything, while he was and played.

– He came with two personal social media staff and a bodyguard, but did nothing. They called him Gabigol, we called him Gabi-no-gol, said the Dutch coach to Fox Sports in connection with the Copa Libertadores-finals back in november.

Gabigol with the proof that the Flamengo in 2019 is South america’s best team. Photo: Henry Romero/Ritzau Scanpix
That made Gabriel Barbosa also not much in the first 88 minutes, and he was shown off in the 95.

But between the two times he showed why even Ronaldo (and here we are talking the original) back in 2016 had skamrost Inter-purchase said that Barbosa was more than ready for a team in Europe.

First equalized Gabigol River Plates 1-0-lead in stoppage hammered sejrsmålet in the net and secured the Loveliest of the south american answer to the Champions League title.

There he showed that there was something about Ronaldo-talk in spite of the debacle in Europe.

In Inter, he reached only ten matches. They Should stamped him quickly as not good enough for a topklub in Europe, and after hollænderens firing was also Gabigol kicked after a measly gol.

He was loaned out to Benfica, but was after just five matches (and one goal) in the Portuguese football sent home to Santos in Brazil.

No one was in doubt as to who scored the goals for Flamengo in the Copa Libertadores final in Lima. Photo: Pilar Olivares

It was here, that in his day he got his nickname.

Gabriel Barbosa scoring about 600 goals as a youth player and got the debut of Pele and Neymars former club already at the age of 16.

As a hireling, he was last years top scorer in the brazilian Serie A for Santos and in 2019, he has really lived up to its name.

Now Gabriel Barbosa again Gabigol.

– It has gone completely crazy. If you look at the four tournaments, as Flamengo went on to play in the year, Gabigol scored 43 goals in 57 matches.

He was again top scorer in Serie A and top scorer in the Copa Libertadores. It is intense, and several brazilians believe that Gabigol ought to start inside on the national team, says Danish Peter Arnholdt, who works as a scout in Brazil and therefore has a concluded knowledge of brazilian football.

A rare picture of Barbosa in action for Inter. It was only for a season in Milan-the club. Photo: Luca Bruno/Ritzau Scanpix

Gabigol is quite the hot name in the fodboldgale country and can add cubits to his already huge popularity, if he kicks the WORLD cup trophy for the club teams home to the popular Rio club.

He is still under contract at Inter, but the returns hardly to the Støvelandet. Flamengo will stretch far to keep the 23-year-old striker, whose lease expires after the WORLD cup in Qatar.

Flamengos president, Rodolfo Landim, is in intense dialogue with the Italian club and know that this here he must not kikse.

in Brazil can Gabigol score gol – and more than all the others …


Gabigol has many conflicts with the judges and often end up in the black book. Photo: Pilar Olivares/Ritzau Scanpix

Gabikort: Have been three expulsions in the year

He gets almost as many warnings as he scores goals. And it says not a little even.

Gabriel Barbosa is a controversial figure, and has in periods had major disciplinary problems, that there were the people in Brazil, who considered that he should change his name to Gabicartão (Gabikort).

He was thrown out in the Cope Libertadores final against River Plate after being the big hero, and Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus has criticized his star publicly for not being more mature in its behavior on the track.

at the same time the Portuguese coach, however, also defended him and said that if Barbosa had been a much more responsible person, had he not been the player he is.

Gabriel Barbosa has scored 19 yellow and three red cards in the 2019 season, and at the WORLD cup in Qatar, he may just as well end up as the villain as hero.

Maybe even both!


Flamengo attacker is boyfriend with Neymars sister Rafaella Santos. Photo credit: Mauricio Santana/

Gf with Neymars sister

Like many other football players are Gabriel Barbosa love with the tattoo.

They adorn a nice part of the well-trained body, and a few weeks ago he got a new pair to the collection. Gabigol has scored tattooed Copa Libertadores trophy and the Monumental Stadium on one leg.

It was at the Monumental in Lima, to Gabigol with his scores, wrote the south american football history.

The two tattoos are accompanied with the text ’Monumental ’U’ 11-23-19’.

Barbosa, incidentally, is the girlfriend of Neymars sister Rafaella Santos, and according to the rumors there should be a new footballer on the way.

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Both Neymar and Barbosa got their fodboldopdragelse in the Santos and was teammates since Brazil in 2016, won the OLYMPICS.

Now they are also teammates on the brazilian national team, after more than three years of absence got Gabriel Barbosa in the autumn comeback in the famous yellow jersey.

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the WORLD cup held in the year in Qatar.

The participation of the six continental champions (Liverpool, Flamengo, Al-Hilal, Espérance de Tunis, Monterrey and Hienghène Sport) and the host Al-Sadd.

Liverpool and Flamengo will enter first into the semifinals. Brazilians meetings on Tuesday, Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia, while the English team the day after the meetings, the mexican Monterrey. The final is played on Saturday evening at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha.

It is 16. time, to the FIFA Club World Cup run, and it tends to end with the european victory. It has been the case for the six most recent year and 11 times in total. The last four titles have gone to brazilian clubs.

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