The former Premier League striker Neil Shipperley has been sentenced to 12 months community service and a fine of 1760 dollars for having violated a mother and her teenage daughter.

It writes the Mirror.

The disturbing incident unfolded when the former Chelsea player rolled his van over by the side of the two women, with his hand on his penis.

In court admitted the attacker, he stared at the two women with his penis in his hand as he was about to perform a sexual act.

Shipperley did not stop, after he was discovered. He followed after the women and continued to touch himself.

the Women chose then to sign the blottende and pursuing Shipperley to the police.

While the two victims called the police, they had noticed that the man had parked his van between two buses further up the street, but he was still in time with it, which in court was described as a ‘sexual act’.

After the notification troppede the former Premier League striker himself up at the police station and volunteered.

Neil Shipperley chasing the ball in action for Crystal Palace. Photo: Adam Butler

the Defense for Shipperley was, that his crime was ‘a cry for help’, while a series of personal and financial problems were scratched up. The episode should have been the culmination of his inability to deal with its completed football career.

In connection with the arrest, he told that if someone had devoid out in the same manner towards his own son, then ‘he would want to kill them’.

In a statement from the victims was Shipperley described as a ‘predator’.

His goal was to frighten us and isolate us. It succeeded with him, as we were shook and horrified over his actions, said the mother.

the Experience has also left its traces at the 16-year-old daughter.

– I was scared and felt fragile. Today I am very concerned about what had happened, if my mother had not been there, told her daughter.

Neil Shipperley release of prison, but has in addition to the judgment on 12 months of community service chosen to seek the help of a therapist.

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