Many remember christmas 2015 for the bad smell.

Here was christmas dinner ruined for thousands of danes, because the ducks from the Danish And A/S in Struer because of a manufacturing defect smelled so rotten, that the authorities warned against eating them.

the site went the company bankrupt, but has re-emerged under the name of Dan the Duck – at the same address and with the same co-owner, Martin Daasbjerg.

But the question is whether the Danish juleænder this year are processed under good hygienic conditions.

Ekstra Bladet has had access to Kødkontrollens documents f.the ex reveals that it pinches the slaughterhouse-the workers ‘ hand hygiene.

‘After the break at 8.30 came about 20 employees in the production, which washed away only a little under half the hands,’ says a report from the other day.

That got Dan the Duck a penalty in the form of a warning notice.

– It is unacceptable to not wash hands. That one washes the hands, should of course sit on the backbone of all employees in a food business, says Rikke Aagaard, kødkontrolchef in the Danish veterinary and food administration.

But it is certainly not everything that has been wrong.

Authorities discovered three months ago that many of the slaughtered ducks in it too dark slaughterhouse was smeared in their own shit because of an accident during slaughter.

In the animal feces can bl.a. be pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter.

‘Many animals for slaughter are contaminated with manure (shit, red.). At the interview inform the operators that they have never been told that they must carry out the control with gødningsforurening,’ reveals the report of the mission.

– We have zero tolerance for fertilizer in the flesh, says Rikke Aagaard.

So Dan Duck A/S was subject to enhanced supervision and got two penalties. Later another penalty for still not providing proper lighting, so that the employees could check andestegene.

There came a grip on the light, but still have the post-mortem inspection in recent weeks found shit or tarmrester on 10 out of the 500 ducks that were checked.

And this was not all.

Dan Duck was also, by repeating the scandal from 2015, when the poor cooling led to a nasty stench in many Danish homes. Only because the post-mortem inspection intervened, was of 15.4 degrees lukewarm ducks are not wrapped in plastic and sent out to the people.

meat inspection-head: Guide to a good juleand

meat inspection-chief Rikke Aagaard tells that also the case from christmas 2015 is a contributory cause to the authorities in recent weeks have had the company is under enhanced supervision.

– Neither consumers, the Fda or the owner can live with, to a case like the one from 2015 is repeating itself.

She says that it is very difficult to avoid, that some animals are contaminated with manure, during slaughter or picking.

– it is the company’s responsibility, that it does not happen, and that the manure is removed before it is packaged and sent out to the consumers.

– Nevertheless, there may be a risk that there is something in the flesh. Therefore, the adviser Danish veterinary and food administration also in how to handle poultry. F. ex. that it is cut on a separate cutting board, which is not used for other food, that you wash frequently the hands, and that you gennemsteger the flesh, says Aagaard.

Daasbjerg: Everything is in perfect order

the Extra Leaf is calling to the slaughterhouse-co-owner Martin Daasbjerg, who is not aware, the slaughterhouse has received sanctions for poor hand hygiene, fertilizer on the slaughtered ducks, temperature, clutter and poor lighting.

– It is going well enough behind me, and it irritates me infinitely. I have been informed by our quality manager, that everything was peachy. She was almost duperet about how well it goes, he says.

About the problems with hand hygiene, he says:

– We have many replacements inside here in the busy days, and it may be that some are inexperienced in the bunch, who do not know how to handle the hygiene of foodstuffs.

About the problems with fertilizer in the andestege he says:

– There must not be dung upon the carcasses. It is our clear goal. It must be rectified. Each and every duck, which comes through our slaughterhouse are checked by a veterinary, a veterinarian. Products that are not in order, will be discarded by the vet. Gødningsrester should not out to consumers so that contaminated animals will, of course, washed, cut or discarded, he promises.

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