Although it has been 25 years remember Natasja Crone still the tv review, by Anders Lund Madsen served after her first television program.

And it is probably not so much to say to, for the then Extra Magazine writer held not back.

the Extra Leaf is gone in the archives and found the article from 24. February 1995, in which it a few lines down reads:

‘Natasja-the girl looks like somehow an old bitch with all the trowel.’

Saturday did Natasja Crone article current again at the TV Price, where Anders Lund Madsen was the host.

– my first program as 24-year-old, who wrote Extra the Magazine that I looked like an old hag. It is not to destroy the bad mood, but it was you who wrote it, James, she said.

From the stage were Anders Lund Madsen also not slow to draw in the country:

– I would like to say I’m sorry.

Below you can read the review in its entirety.

‘Natasja Crone from TV 2s epoch-making tv-bet, Planet Denmark, using too much powder. When TV 2 now that you’ve got this deep original ide like to run the hand-held camera in superclose and never completely at rest, then sminkøren so be very careful with værtindens powder. I think Natasja-the girl looks like somehow an old bitch with all the putty knife. Natasja is otherwise a lovely girl. Not a day over four and a nice open and naive in its infantile thoughts and accepted the simple-minded questions about the current trends. Yesterday, it was about the media, but it was yet not, for it can be just as much in The Global Village and on the Internet, and what Planet the editorial board otherwise copied from the eight-month-old foreign productions of similar forudsigeligheder. But beware of the powder, Natasja.’

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And such so the out: