Bethany, a nine months old labradorblanding, living just now in a foster home by Norwich in the Uk. But the young hunhund looking desperately for a permanent and safe home.

It writes among other uk Metro.

the Organization’s first postings on Bethany from Romania has gone viral, so now the kimet down from interested potential new dog owners. Photo: Kennedy News and Media

It is the organisation Safe Rescue For Dogs, which handles the adoption of Bethany and many other puppies. In the advertisement on their website they write that Bethany is one of five puppies born to a pregnant gadehund in Romania. Four of the five puppies in the litter had a deformed face.

Fortunately for the little pups had the pregnant hunhund randomly met a friendly family, who took care of her and the puppies, while they were quite small. And even though a vet recommended to get the deformed puppies killed, refused the families, that they should leave the life, just because they are so different. They took care of them until they could be transported to England for adoption.

According to Safe Rescue For Dogs is ansigtsdeformiteten no obstacle for either Bethany or her siblings.

Bethany as his puppy before she was rescued from Romania. Photo: Kennedy News and Media

‘It is happy, healthy, playful and loving puppies. They can eat and drink without help, and have all been neutralized without any complications. Bethany has an ever-wags tail and gives the best hugs. She is unaffected by his birth defect, because she has never known anything different’, says the adoptionsteksten.

Since the organization last week put a posting on Facebook about Bethany, who are looking for a new home, they have swum in enquiries from both the media and from people who want to adopt her and her sister Carolina. In one of the spreads in langer organization after receiving several comments about the fact that they used the deformed dogs in an attempt to gather extra money into.

‘See you in the mirror, your ugly words shines through you, and there is no one who asks you to take a oneway trip to the vet and get the sprayer’, they write, among other things in the advertisement.