Normally call 112 or 911 in an emergency.

Therefore, asked the panel then also, if it were such, there was talk about when five-year-old Charlie Skabelund rang.

It writes the u.s. Today, which is owned by NBC.

In the end of the tube asked the young guy however, if he could get to order a Happy Meal in the belief that he had got hold of the McDonald’s.

But a Happy Meal, he got it.

A quarter of an hour later appeared the constable Randolph ‘Scott’ Valdez up with a pack of legetĂžjsmenu to Charlie.

The five-year-old guy from Arizona was a huge smile as the law’s long arm delivered food to the door.

What you can see below:

Officer Valdez was really sweet. He reviewed the rules for when you call 112, along with Charlie, telling the boy’s mother, Kim Skabelund.

He explained that if he is in a hurry to get with the Happy Meals to the children, so he has no time to help people in need. He couldn’t have been sweeter.

Charlie Skabelund had been so thoughtful that he also ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup to his sister, because he only eats chicken nuggets, added the mother.

He takes care of his sister, can the mother tell.