There are topbrag in Herning, when FC Midtjylland on Sunday, receives the visit of FC Copenhagen.

And while the away team are faced with problems in relation to the worn rods and many injuries, can FC Midtjylland welcome to have a few fresh legs back.

The legs are Finnish and Tim Sparvs – he is partially back in team training and hope to come up with on Sunday.

– It is moving forward, and this injury I have had in the calf, I know. I have had the former. It usually take two to three weeks. I have never been afraid that I should not be fit to Liechtenstein and Greece (Finland’s upcoming international matches, red.), and goes all well, I hope that He takes me on the bench on Sunday.

– It is up the coaching staff, of course. But I feel safe in it, I do out on the training field, so now I just have to build on with training and get some sharpness back, says Tim Sparv for

the Midfielder has the last few years had some injuries that have kept him from the playing field, but some of the damage may have also been there, because Sparv not have been able to hold himself back.

– It is a balancing act, and I’m probably not the best when it comes to sensible decisions in relation to my injuries. It is not only with the national team – it is also with FC Midtjylland, if you look at it historically. But it is also a mentality, you have to have, because if you complain about a little damage, you don’t have a long career in professional football.

I feel a big responsibility to my club FC Midtjylland and also for my country, and therefore I will do all I can to be with and help out on the course. Of course reflects you and thinking a bit about what decisions you take. You try to learn from the bad decisions you have taken in the past, but it is hard when you want to be out on the course, says the 32-year-old finn.

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Before the showdown against FC Copenhagen, FC Midtjylland, a lead of four points, down to rivals, and the purge has a great importance in relation to the closed end position in the premier League. None of the two teams throw many points, so can the FCM go seven points ahead of FCK, it begins to pinch for Stale Solbakkens team.

– these are the two best teams in Denmark, that meet, so it will be a great backdrop. We play good football and get the points we deserve, and there is an ambition and hunger for to make it even better, so there is no one who is satisfied. We are constantly trying to develop ourselves and improve our game. I think we do it quite well, bearing in mind that we have a young team, so it’s great to see how young people do it and take for themselves.

We are looking forward to the fight, for FCK has made it well – above all international – and is one of the best teams in Danish football history, so it’s always nice when good teams on the visit, says Tim Sparv.

It is with many appearances on the cv is a experienced player who doesn’t let go of what is being said and written before the purge.

– I’ve never even understood why you go so much up in what others think or say or write, but when we are sitting and talking about lunch and breakfast, I hear since, that my colleagues have a second thought about it, than I even have, say, Tim Sparv, if the proposal is to focus on what is going on in the club:

– When I was young, I was also the one who read everything, what was in the newspaper and on the web, but the last 10 years I have… In one way or another, I do not think it is so interesting. When you come from an environment where you constantly being pumped with football information point, you just want to go away, when you come home. So I think you should just keep the focus on its own, and it is written in the newspaper, is not the most important.

Tim Sparv has this season just been able to play six of 15 League matches.

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