It was a adventure stage manager by the name of Claus Juul, who saved christmas 2019 in Tivoli.

TV2’s ‘Go morgen Danmark’ broadcasts live every morning from the old garden in the centre of Copenhagen, and this morning it was about to go seriously wrong, as the two hosts, Mikkel Kryger and Ida Wohlert, was to thank for today.

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While they sat there in the couch and roguish, and Mikkel Kryger laughingly complained to Ida Wohlerts knitwear had given him the fluff on the clothes, went juledekorationen on the table right in front of them up in flames.

– wow, it went fast, says Mikkel Kryger to Ekstra Bladet.

We just sat there and roguish, and discovered nothing, he admits.

In the course of just a few seconds, there stood a half-meter high flames up from the brightly coloured decoration in the studio

– Now it came to pass that fortunately did not anything and we can laugh a little at it now. But really, it was a reminder of how quickly it can go. So one must be really careful at home, if you have vivid light. We do have a reaction to fires here and the people who keep an eye. It was not at home, he says.

– It really was a reminder how quickly it can go, says Mikkel Kryger on juledekorationen, there suddenly stood in flames. Photo: Ivan Boll
Mikkel Kryger does not hesitate to praise regissørens rapid action, where he with a cloth cash got choked the aggressive fire.

– Today’s big brand is definitely Claus Juul, says Mikkel Kryger.

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The 36-year-old tv host, who in the new year can be seen on the host of ‘wheel of fortune’, is after today’s broadcast ready to keep christmas with his family. Almost en.

– I must straight home and remove all of the vivid light, he laughs.