Few have been able to been in doubt that the belgian Rudy Pevenage purely professional was the bad company, since he in his time was one of the field’s most powerful sportsdirektører.

Dopingmistanken has stuck to him since he as of Jan Ullrichs mentor led the young German to the victory in the Tour de France in 1997 – a victory which Pevenage ago, was reached by means of bloddoping.

Now he affirms in the book ‘The Rudy’ the fact that he was a type, as righteous athletes should stay away from it. In the book he talks about doping, the hidden in the double-walled coladåser, about the blood bags in the milk and intermediaries on a mountain bike carrying blood bags between the hotels in the big stage races.

‘Århundredtalentet’, was Jan Ullrich called. Doping played a role, but the young østtysker was also from the hand of nature a formidable athlete. Photo: photo sport Int/REX.

He also says that he in his good friend Eufemiano Fuentes’ clinic in Madrid as blood bags, which belonged to a famous Spanish tennis champion’ and ‘footballers from Madrid. Fuentes was the Spanish doctor, who stood in the centre of the investigation into Operación Puerto, which gave Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso in 2006.

Pevenage fails, however, to identify the idrætsstjerner, he claims to be able to connect with bloddoping on Fuentes’ clinic.

‘did I Mention the names, I lay in the morning with the severed head in my bed,’ he writes in the book according to the newspaper Het Laaste Nieuws.

the Title of the Pevenages book player in the partnership, he has shared with Jan Ullrich in the past few decades, as the German prodigy in its heyday was referred to as ‘The Jan’. Purely sporting ended it, when Ullrich was denied starttilladelse in the 2006 Tour de France because of dopingmistanke.

Pevenage says according to the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad that he even toppled the house of cards, when he won the Giro d’italia would call Fuentes to share his jubilation over the Jan Ullrichs victory in the time trial in Pisa.

Extra Bladet met in the 2017 Jan Ullrich during the Tour de France. Here welcome he on Michael Rasmussen. ‘That Jan seemed to be in fine shape, but since it is, unfortunately, gone down hill for the only German winner of the Tour de France. Photo: Claus Bonnerup.

Pevenage had long shown the greatest caution in his communication with Fuentes and called never from his own phone. This day was his mobile with prepaid cards, however, run out of talk time, and he grabbed his own phone and called Fuentes.

‘It was a fatal error. Suddenly I stood on the Spanish police’s list. How I was the victim,’ writes Pevenage in the book according to the wielerkrant.be.

Rudy Pevenage did in 2009 briefly comeback in the sport as sports director at the controversial Team Rock Racing, which made a virtue out of hiring mature dopingsyndere.

In his active career won Pevenage a stage in the Tour de France in 1980 and won the same year the mountains classification.

Operación Puerto was the end of Jan Ullrichs career in the professional field. He has since lived a tumultuous life, where scandals fueled by his consumption of alcohol and frivolous ladies again and again has made headlines.

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