six years ago, she disappeared – now they are sitting again by the side of the dictator.

north Korean Kim Jong-un executed in 2013, Jang Song-thaek, who was married to a dictator’s own aunt, Kim Kyuong-hui. Ago disappeared fasteren, but now she appeared again.

The typing of several international media, including The New York Times.

In the north Korean capital, Pyongyang, was on Saturday held a concert in connection with the celebration of the new year, and here sat fasteren with next to Kim Jong-un.

the Fasterens man was executed for treason, since he, according to the accusation tried to plan a coup d’etat against Kim Jong-un.

Kim Kyuong-hui is the only sister of Kim Jong-uns father, who was the former dictator of the country Kim Jong-il, and has since her husband’s execution has been speculation about what had happened with her though.

a Few days after the execution, she was mentioned for the last time the north Korean media. Rumors proliferated about whether she even had been executed, but such were not the case.

Kim Jong-uns grandfather, Kim Il-sung, being of many north koreans regarded as something close to a god, because he founded the north Korea.

The relationship is something that Kim Jong-un uses to promote his own status as the country’s leader, and therefore he uses, according to The New York Times his father to remind people about it.

Fasteren has previously held high positions in the country, where she was the female face of action. It was, however, soon put a stop to, when her husband was executed.

today, Kim Kyong-hui have been 73 years old, and it remains to be seen whether there are plans, that she should be reinstated in senior positions, or whether she just need to appear forward.

With her late husband had Kim Kyuong-hui, a daughter, who, in 2006, committed suicide in France, where she studied.