A young man succeeded in september last year to convince Hvidovre Hospital, that he was a medical student and was put on the guards to examine the patients.

Now Hvidovre Hospital sent a letter to the persons who have been vetted by the man. One of them is the 33-year-old Michael Dehn, who had his daughter to study in the hospital.

– I got the letter yesterday. There were two doctors inside, and one was a physician who came down and looked. The other was a man, and then I think immediately, ‘what if he was alone with my daughter? What could have happened?’. It was in the children’s department, says Michael Dehn, who is the father of Malou in five years.

At first glance there was nothing that jumped Michael Dehn in the eyes.

– I would have shot him to be in the beginning of the 20’s. But otherwise, he presented himself as a student and sounded convincing, so I did not suspect that.

– So you believed fully that he was a student?

– Fully. He had, of course, also colleagues, who walked and talked with him, and then it’s not the one that comes straight from the outside. So right there, there was no suspicion that he was not a student, says Michael Dehn.

Malou had to go through a simple investigation, but it ended up taking a very long time.

– We get out there, because we thought she had some cystitis, and so it was a very long process, we had to go through. We sat out there for eight hours, and that seemed good enough was a long time just to find out it.

She had to go through a lot of tests, and he had to touch her all sorts of places. That, I think, was a little strange. How long can it take to check a urine sample for infection?

along the Way was Michael Dehn a bit suspicious.

He seemed not to have so much track on it.

– It is a long time ago, that I had been at the lægevagten, so I just thought that it was standard now, ” he says.

– Has been in contact with the hospital afterwards?

– not at All, it is the first, we hear from them, so we got it as a little bad about it.

– Have you thought you to take contact to them now?

– Perhaps just to hear their answers on how it can be done, he says.

Michael Dehn had heard nothing about the case before he received the letter from Hvidovre Hospital on Monday. It happens, even though the man was reported to the police by the hospital is already 29. september of last year.

– I think good enough, also, it is late, you get a response, if they already knew it back in september or October.

Most of all is Michael Dehn afraid of what could have happened if there had actually been something seriously wrong with her daughter Malou.

He seemed not really, he could see something on the tests, and then he said that we should just go home and give her painkillers. When we read it here afterwards, so we will be nervous, to think now, if there had been any?

– She (the chief physician, ed.) then said that we should see it an overnight, because it was right on the border of a cystitis, so we just had to make sure to give her enough to drink, says Michael Dehn.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with deputy director of Hvidovre Hospital in Kurt Stig Jensen. He tells that it is a very unusual case, as they are sad.

They have contacted all patients who, according to their internal investigations have been in connection with the man.

– the moment we become aware that there probably is someone pretending to be medical students without to be what we choose to file a police report.

– We have found that there are ten patients or families, where he probably has been in contact with one of them. In none of the cases he has had responsibility for the patients or put any treatments in time.

– he Has made the reverse – that is, failed to put a treatment in time?

– There has been a single case with a family that has gone home with a child, where we would say that it probably was a wrong decision. But them we found quite quickly, and there is nothing happened with the child.

– Is it only the children’s ward, he has been in?

– No, he has also been in our emergency department.

– Why have you not been in contact with the patients before?

– It has been a bit of a excavation work to find out exactly what patients he has been in contact with, for he was not a treating physician and was therefore not mentioned in the records. We wanted the writing to the right patients – and only to them. And yes, it has regrettably taken some time.