– I am thinking human. If you can save the child before it comes (to the world, red.), so it’s fine. One saves the child from becoming disabled. Man kills not to make abortion.

that was the gist of it from the accused father in court in Glostrup, where a parent of 34 years and 25 years are alleged to have killed their seven-week-old daughter.

The little girl was severely injured with many broken ribs, showed the forensic investigations. She had also severe changes in the brain, which was caused by the serious acts of violence from birth to believe the police.

The seven-week-old girl was kept alive using a ventilator, which was switched off 25. april last year at the national university hospital.

the Man is originally from Iraq, but has Danish citizenship. The woman is from Iraq and does not have citizenship in Denmark. She needed shown.

It emerged in court that on the internet is searched on, how you can miscarry. In court, there was particular emphasis on a medical preparation Cytotec, which puts veer in time, but in the right dose used as abortmiddel.

The accused woman was in January 2019 at a hasterejse to Iraq. U.s. man’s explanation was the purpose of the trip to the woman’s mother was sick. SMS-the evidence presented in court sounds, however, that the purpose of the trip was to have an abortion of the unwanted child.

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During the trip to Iraq was the woman made some scans, which showed that the child was completely normal, but a second scan showed that there might be something wrong with the child’s brain, told the man in court.

Specialanklager Morten Frederiksen asked the defendants if at any time you suspect that there might be something wrong with the unborn child.

the Danger explained in court, that the wife during their stay in Iraq, got to know that ’the child is missing something in the head, and therefore we must make abortion’.

In Iraq sought out the woman, according to the prosecutor, who read a sms-correspondence up in court, a pharmacy and some doctors, who refused to help the woman with the abortion.

4. march 2019 arrived the pair to Herlev Hospital, because there was heavy bleeding from the woman’s abdomen in 27. week of pregnancy.

Here they were asked to be at the hospital, as this type of bleeding was not normal so early in pregnancy. The pair left the hospital, against instructions, but came back some hours after, where the woman underwent a caesarean section.

Some days earlier, they had been to check in the hospital, where everything was normal.

At the hospital said the parents to the staff, that if there was something wrong with the child, they would not have, that the doctors treated it, but to ’let nature take its course’. It told of a doctor as a witness in court Monday.

– Usually, the answer that will save lives at any cost, told the doctor from the maternity ward at the Herlev hospital

The accused father from a previous relationship, two girls of five and seven years with a Danish woman.

Earlier in court, the woman explained that the man would not have the child, if it was a girl.

the Man’s explanation sounds like that pregnancy could act as a barrier to the woman’s application for a residence permit, and therefore, the couple had talked about an abortion for the child and the best.

the Woman had been back and forth with the decision about an abortion, but had together with the man decided that they got the child, it sounded from the man in court.

the Woman required expelled for good, if she is convicted guilty of the accusation.

the Parents were in custody 17. in may last year charged with violence resulting in death – but specialanklager Morten Frederiksen on the basis of investigation indictment for the killing.

There is expected to decline judgment 23. January.