had imagined that Denmark’s second match at the european championship finals should be a kind of finale.

is the reality after the defeat to Iceland on Saturday night. Win Iceland in Russia, and Denmark loses to Hungary, is the defending world champions sent home over the Sound before it really becomes fun.

EM-format with 24 teams split into six pools means that only two teams from each pool moving on to the mellemrunden. Therefore, Denmark has the knife on the throat in the evening in the Malmö Arena, which again will be filled with Danish fans.

however, hard to see, that the Danish national team can lose to the hungarians, who made the trip to the finals in a somewhat weakened version. The team, usually quite high profile, playmakeren Mate Lekai is injured, and the same is the shooter is Richard Bodo. These are two of the vital forces, and it could also be seen on the Hungarian games in the team’s first match against Russia.

Hungary, admittedly, 26-25, but it was a struggle in a completely different and lower level than we witnessed in Denmark’s match against Iceland. The Danish champions should not have problems with Hungary, with less to Nikolaj Jacobsen’s troops have been hit mentally by the downturn towards the Island.

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Nikolaj Jacobsen and his team is under maximum pressure in the purge against Hungary. Photo: Lars Poulsen

however, after all, so many experienced players in the Danish squad that the collective should be able to shake lussingen of themselves and get back to the game, which otherwise has characterized the team this past year.

maintain stubbornly that it was a great handball match, Denmark and Iceland fought. I agree with him, when it’s about angrebsspillet. When you are making 30 goals, it’s usually enough to win, but the Danish defense never got fat in the icelandic attack, and none of the Danish goalkeepers had any major rescues.

Denmark is a team which, apart from the goalkeeper Roland Mikler and stregspilleren Bence Banhidi does not have players from the top shelf. Hungary has many young players, but they have not yet the same quality as the players of either Iceland or for that matter Denmark.

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be the evening where the Danish national team for real sign up at EM. The road to the semifinals has been a little harder after the defeat to Iceland, but Denmark can in spite of everything decide things.

probably wins in the hopefully six upcoming matches to be sure of a place in the finaleweekenden in less than two weeks in Stockholm.

still, that it is possible.

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Denmark and Henrik Møllgaard is to be raised in tonight’s match against Hungary. Otherwise, can EM be a closed chapter. Photo: Lars Poulsen