the PARK (Ekstra Bladet): In the northern war between FC Copenhagen and Malmö FF, there is also space for nice words.

FCK-manager Stale Solbakken spent some of her time at Wednesday’s news conference in the Park to pay tribute to Malmö-legend Markus Rosenberg.

The 37-year-old striker plays on Thursday night his last fight and will no doubt be hailed by the at least 2400 Swedish fans in the Park.

Before the prestigious ’bridge-derby in the Europa League there were verbal tributes from Solbakken, who has great respect for the Swedish talisman.

– It is a farewell to a great striker with a wide register. I have great respect for what he has done.

– As klubspiller for Malmö FF, he has been unique, said Solbakken, who themselves have had mixed experiences with the former Swedish landsholdsangriber.

– There have been both good and bad experiences with him. Perhaps the best FCK-experience ever was with him on the second half, when we beat Ajax out (in the Champions League ye the penalty in 2006).

– In my last match as a coach in Cologne, he scored the 1-0 for Werder Bremen. We got 1-1, so I survived the round, but it was just a postponement of what was to come. And then he scored of course against us now, said Solbakken with regard to this autumn’s first northern war in Malmö, which ended 1-1.

Markus Rosenberg has been an icon in Malmö, and he joins in the degree on the top of the light blue. Photo: Lars Poulsen
Malmo-the boy Rosenberg returned in 2014 returned to its hjerteklub. At that time he had also been on the Solbakkens radar, but it was never a real flirt.

There is rosenberg’s Malmö-heart, in spite too large, and a change to the FCK would probably also have resulted in strong reactions in the skåne.

– I must be a little careful, for he is probably not interested in that, I must say that he has been current for FCK. It would be a bad thing to take up now.

– I’ve talked with his agent, Martin Dahlin, sometimes, but have never been to Markus himself and talking transition. It has only been on the agentniveau, said Stale Solbakken, and Markus Rosenberg confirmed the flow of Malmö’s news conference:

– I know there was interest. They said to Martin (Dahlin, eds.), they were interested, Martin said it to me, and I said that I was not interested – that I would be home. I was quite clear about it.

Markus Rosenberg got a happy ending in Swedish, because he, in his last home game in Malmö some weeks ago he scored deep in injury time to 4-3 against Dynamo Kiev.

Now the dream he and the many Swedish fans, no doubt, a repetition of the fairytale in Copenhagen …

– But we hope that the end not being quite as good as the last fight! said Stale Solbakken with a laugh.

Markus Rosenberg must have a special bond to the Park. He scored in the famous Royal League match in 2005, where several Malmö-fans were subjected to police brutality of the copenhagen cops.

It has the far from forgotten in the Swedish traditionsklub, and Rosenberg have probably not forgotten his latest big performance in the Danish nationalarena.

It was him, as Christian Poulsen in 2007 sent in the grass with a mavepuster in the european championship qualifier between Denmark and Sweden, as soon after poulsen’s battle was interrupted when a full Danish fan hopped over and tried to attack referee Herbert Fandel.

– It was special. 3-0 to Sweden, 3-3, the battle, the man who jumped into, and at the end we won 3-0. I got to hear some times, said Rosenberg for the Extra Leaf before Malmö FF’s training in the Park.

a Draw is enough

FC Copenhagen are sure to advance to the 1/16-finals, which gruppevinder with just a tie against Malmö FF in the Park.

Lose the copenhageners, they may well go on, but it requires that the Dynamo Kiev not beats Lugano at home.

The Ukrainian large groups are sure to go far with a victory, while both the FCK and Malmö FF is the 1/16-finale-ready, if Kiev does not manage to defeat Lugano.

Malmö FF to win in Copenhagen in order to be sure of advancement.

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