If it was his last match in the white Tottenham shirt, it’s not a goodbye, Christian Eriksen will look back on with joy.

When the Danish landsholdsprofil Saturday night, well, halfway into the second half in the match against Liverpool, was replaced, there were several Tottenham supporters, who buhede at the dane.

It was far from all, but enough that it clearly could be heard on tottenham’s home ground in north London.

The 27-year-old dane, who according to La Gazzetta dello Sport has agreed with Inter, was also far from the level in as many seasons excited about Tottenham-the audience.

Eriksen also get harsh criticism in the English media after the 0-1-defeat of the Premier League’s sovereign førerhold.

the Evening Standard describes the dane as passive and writes that the end of his Tottenham career may have gotten a bitter aftertaste.

’When Eriksen leaves the Spurs, there will be plenty of good times to look back on, but his pale performance in the past will tarnish his legacy,’ writes the newspaper, while his colleagues from the Football London just give him a grade three on a scale from 1-10.

’just Like Rose had his radar turned off. He ran plenty of metres, but when the Spurs needed quality, he had it not. If it ends up being his last appearance for Spurs, will the dismally sum up his last 12 months in the club after all the good that went before’.

Christian Eriksen has been at Tottenham since 2013. He has appeared 302 times and scored 69 times for the London club.

Tottenham meetings on Tuesday night Middlesbrough at home in a rematch in the FA Cup, and it will be interesting to see if Eriksen is in the showdown.

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