If there is anything that can get americans up on the chair, then the sketch show ‘Saturday Night Live’ on NBC. It can be a housewife, screaming ‘evil’ and crazy touching.

for The same reason, went millions of followers almost crazy when they heard that one of komikkens biggest stars, Eddie Murphy would gæsteoptræde in Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the first time in 35 years.

In the circles are the murphy’s guest performance almost equal with a royal visit, and it has also got other personalities to desire to gæsteoptræde at the same time, with Eddie Murphy.

In many american optics is murphy’s guest performance almost equal with a royal visit. Photo: AP

According to the New York Post and the newspaper’s Page Six have both Chris Rock (‘Lethal weapon’ and ‘Drengerøve’) and Dave Chapelle (‘A star is born’ and ‘Undercover Brother’) applied to gæsteoptræde at the same time.

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That in all plans is large, to Murphy in this way, crosses its own trail, can be seen by the fact that all his ten children will be present during the event.

The ferile charmer has ten children. Photo: ABACA USA/PA Photos

The 58-year-old very fertile charmer has children aged one to 30 years with several women: Max (year) as well as a three-year-old daughter Izzy with his current fiance, Paige Butcher. In addition the children Bria, 30, Miles, 27, Shayne, 25, Zola, 19, and Bella, 17, with ex-wife Nicole Murphy. then there is the son, Eric, 30, as he was with Paulette McNeely and son, Christian, 29, whose mother is Tamera Hood. Kryddersilden Mel B is the mother of murphy’s 12-year-old daughter, Angel.

– All of my children will be flown in, so they can witness it, informs Eddie Murphy.

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Uncertain of the reasons is, murphy’s medstjerne from the 80’s the Saturday night live, Joe Piscopo not invited back to the old comic sketch show. It confirms the he even.

And while the guesswork out when almost hysterical heights in trying to figure out who will be the lucky showdeltagere together with the comedian-the king Murphy, has spread a pleasant anticipation, as Murphy has suggested that he shows up in a few of his old classic characters. It was those roles that helped make him the star he is today.