Two rapes committed against female customers at 21 and 23 years old in a pirate taxi at Lyngby, costing the 35-year-old driver to five years in prison.

Patrick Obijiaku, who originates from Nigeria, be exercised also by Denmark for good.

the Verdict, which fell today by the Court of Lyngby, was appealed on the ground of the 35-year-old, which will be dismissed in The high Court.

He claimed during the trial that he had not touched the 21-year-old woman and the 23-year-old even offered to pay for the trip with sex.

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The two rapes occurred at weekly intervals 1. september and 7. september of 07 and 06: 30 o’clock in the morning, where the two women had to run home.

Patrick Obijiaku was deltidschauffør for Urban Go Aps, running as a freight and kurérfirma., when customers order the car via an app. The first rape was the app is not used, but the 35-year-old ran as a pirate taxi.

Urban Go running with shipping, but customers are more than welcome to run with when you have a fragtgenstand in the car’.

It will write the company several sites on its website: ‘You can always run with – just there is a fragtgenstand in the car!’

’You have the right, but not the obligation, to disclose what you must have shipped. If you want to run with, you are very welcome. Many of our cars have space for both the three and four passengers, writes the company.

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The second rape victim ordered the trip through the Urban Gos app. She had to run from Østerbro to Copenhagen. In the court explained to the driver that the woman asked to be canceled the trip of 320 dkk. on the app and instead, pay with sex, so they drove to a park at a p-space.

When the police raided the 35-year-olds bright Peugeot 3008 after the arrest took ushers several condoms under the mats in the car.

the Driver was accused of rape and other sexual relation than intercourse against both women.

the Court did not believe the 35-year-olds explanations and knew him guilty in both circumstances. The court also followed the prosecutor Bente Schnacks claim of punishment:

– I am well satisfied with the verdict. A rape costs two and a half to three and a half years in prison, and here there were two conditions, says Bente Schnack.