Because of the royal cars on Sunday was out driving Walkendorfsgade in the heart of Copenhagen, it went completely wrong, as the car passed a road-works.

Here was the driver of the corolla 415, princess Benedikte is normally transported around in, for unknown reasons, strayed into a road, where there was driving prohibited for cars.

It meant that the car was stuck in a big pile of rubble and could not move out of the flækken.

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Why had the royal family call Falck, so the car could get free and continue its route.

It is unknown whether princess Benedikte was a passenger in the car, when the unfortunate episode occurred, but there was no equipment or person injury in connection with the (somewhat) unfortunate episode.

Crown 415 has, as a rule, princess Benedikte as a passenger. Photo: Joachim Adrian/Ritzau Scanpix

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with Falck, but it has at the time of writing not been possible to get a comment from them in connection with the case. Ekstra Bladet has also been in contact with the royal family, who do not want to comment to the quote in connection with the incident.

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It is not the first time that just the crown 415 ends up in trouble.

Back in april may Falck also be called as prinesse Benedikte was in jacksonville to attend the gala concert marking by Jacob Gade Violinkonkurrence, of which she is patron.

When princess Benedikte after the concert was led out to the crown 415, she had to go in vain. The car was not the to get into.

– the Princess’s driver had passed out of his own door to open the door for the princess. But he could not open the door, his own was also locked, and the key sat in the car. There must have been an error on the key, and the princess was to be shut out, told to the deputy mayor and kulturudvalgsformand Dan Arnløv Jørgensen (K) to Vejle Amts Folkeblad in the connection.

– We invited Her Royal Highness into the VIP room in musikteatrets wardrobe, where she enjoyed a bottle of water. She took it with good humor along with his lady, and we featured her on a dinner and reserved a table in the restaurant. But she had a deal in Copenhagen and would like to leave, told kulturudvalgsformanden on.

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