FC Nordsjælland played out on Friday night closer on the top-six, since a good first half and broke Gasquet in a direct duel on the top-six.

3-1 was the end result is allowed in nordsjællændernes favor, even if the AaB pressed on to the finish.

But the hosts were run out on ass and elbows in the first act. It was embarrassing to look at for those in attendance hjemmefans.

Three minutes should go by before fodrappe Farum-boys brought in the front. On a great scoring mind you.

Mathias Rasmussen sped up in the left hand, and took Mohammed Kudus in the field. The formstærke ghaneser could have been secluded for christmas eve, without Jores Villa had passed to him.

Then after a few seconds chipped Kudus expertly Mathias Rasmussen free, and the Norwegian flugtede the ball in the box. Nice goals – under slightly for easy comparison.

Jores Villa did in the following minutes his to make good the damage. First, he came windy in the last second before the Kudus were completed in the small box, and shortly after got AaB defender again dismantled a deadly situation with a long toe a few metres from the goal. Pure Die Hard from Jores Villa.

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Photo: René Schütze/Ritzau Scanpix

Best as the home team was about to play itself into the showdown through aggressive pressure and better boldomgang they got a goku in the head with the nutcracker.

Magnus Christensen smed completely gratuitous ball in the feet of an opponent, and then it goes so strong, when the opponent is from FC Nordsjælland. A few stations later, it was Ibrahim Sadiq free with Jacob Rinne, and the Swedish keeper pulled off a klasseredning out of the sleeve.

Just a little, it helped when the parade hit a tilbagestormende Patrick Kristensen in juleflæsket and it rolled quietly and inexorably over the line. To be fair, so was the ball hardly rolled in the goal, if Patrick Kristensen had juleflæsk…

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Pibekoncert to break from hjemmeholdets fans. Totally deserved. Jacob Friis listened, made two substitutions, as well as an offensive formationsskift.

the AaB’s expression was, thankfully, more offensively, and the hosts pressed slowly, but surely, closer to Nicolai Larsen’s goal, as the second half progressed.

With a quarter of an hour back came the thrill. From unexpected edge. A bad clearing ended up with Kristoffer Pallesen in the field, and lo and behold not højrebacken scored his first Superliga goal – with venstrebenet!

A nervous FCN-team was about to throw it all in the final stages, but Mikkel Rygaard, when the decision on a phenomenal free kick. Prior to that was Jacob Rinne tordnet into Isaac Atanga just outside the box in injury time. Rygaard thanked, took the time and smashed so that the ball up in the corner.

Thus ended up with yet another pibekoncert to go on julepause with AaB’s.

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