When Katherine Diez and environment minister Dan Jørgensen announced their relationship 17. november, she described with big words, how she had found ‘the man in her life’.

But since christmas is the christmas celebration, the 30-year-old kulturdebattør just decided that christmas should be spent with the man who has won her heart.

It tells Katherine Diez in an interview for the ALL for the ladies.

– In the year I had planned to be a volunteer in the Grey Hall on Christiania, where many homeless come and celebrate christmas, but now it turns out, I’ll be dancing on the tree in Morud on the island of Fyn with the Dance parents.

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Have you followed me here, you know that I have never held me back, when it came to sharing out of the personal – not private; there is a difference – stories from my life. When I’m in the latest time has been more SoMe-introverted than usual, there is a very good reason: I have met the love of my life. And I existed only in that. In him. I have re-read the verdenslitteraturens greatest romantics and only really found the meaning in them now; I have revised my thinking on the meaning of life, felt like Christopher Columbus in my discovery of the promised land, and learned a new language. The heart’s. Liquid. All-consuming. With schwung, surrender and fervent, fervent pride and happiness. I think: This is how Zeus must have had it, the first time he lifted the thunder wedge. See, the cool thing about love is, to formulate ”simple truisme” or trite clichés like the deepest insights, when, in reality, it can be portrayed as hurtful straightforward as ”I love him”; he, as night and day hold me in his strong arms and in the same breath keeps my anxiety for the door. He who has devoted his life to its politics, its dreams and ambitions for a better world. He who takes of the place early in the morning and come home late in the evening and still have manfully and strength enough to rein me, its delicate mimose and her længselssuk. Neil Gaiman wrote in The Sandman: The Kindly Ones’, 1996: ”Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can ge tinside you and mess you up.” Yes. Is how it is. But I have met the love of my life. And I have met the world’s warmest, brightest and most idealistic man and man. @danj.environment minister

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It has no less been a busy year for literature-the critic who most likely was noted for writing a post in London, which went viral.

Here wrote Diez, that it was surprisingly difficult to find a like-minded partner who could challenge her intellectually.

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this is Why it is also a relieved Diez, who in a retroperspektiv look back on the year:

– I have such a ‘phew, I did it’-feeling around 2019. It has been a fast paced year. I have lived three-four different places, I have been in a relationship with Dan – and much, much more. It has been a very turbulent year purely physical, she says to the magazine.

– But now brands I that I’m starting to relax a little. Calm descends. Julefreden, I should also probably get to experience. I am both breathless and relieved. It has gone wild for themselves. I think honestly though, I deserve to relax a little.

Dan Jorgensen was the man who came roaring into Katherine Diez’ life, comes apparent even behind her:

– It has really taken the ass of me meeting HIM for the first time and sincerely got the here feeling of ”here must be for the rest of his life”. It fits perhaps even very well into juletemaet, if we see christmas as the season of the year, she explains in the interview.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Katherine Diez, which does not have any comments, but wishes you a merry christmas.