the Hearing was not many minutes old, as it Friday, it was clear that a 43-year-old dobbeltdrabssigtet man could not carry out.

He gasped for breath and appeared beside herself at the hearing, where he and a 34-year-old medsigtet was required to continue in custody.

My client is not suitable for a ensuring hours of questioning. On a little I pray, that he will go back to Slagelse, said the 43-year-defender, Lars Urup.

Shortly after arrived an ambulance, and he was placed on a stretcher and driven away. He is in custody in the surrogate, while his medsigtede is moved to Vestre Prison.

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He sat a few feet from him in court, but there was no contact between the former friends.

The two men are both charged with the brutal killing of Kiehn Andersen in Ruds Vedby and Poul Frank Jørgensen in Neuhausen and to have put the two older men’s houses on fire afterwards.

At Friday’s hearing in the Court of Næstved was fængslingsgrundlaget expanded to include an armed hjemmerøveri in Skibby 1. June of this year.

Here is the aim for in the association or by prior arrangement to have threatened the male occupant with a oversavet shotgun to hand over the cash. They abandoned their project, because they got information that there were witnesses at the address, according to the charges.

The 34-year-old refuses guilty, said his lawyer Jean Beach, while the 43-year-old refuses guilty in robbery ‘among other things, having regard to the voluntary resignation’, said his lawyer. He added, however, that his client stands by what he explained at his last questioning.

Poul Frank Jørgensen was killed, then his house is his childhood home, was set on fire. Two months before the beat drabsduoen, according to the charges, Kiehn Georg Andersen to death. Photo: Per Rasmussen

What, precisely is unknown, because the judge then chose to close the doors, even though the proceedings at the last two the application has been running for the open doors.

But when she gave fængslingskendelsen it emerged that the 43-year-old has admitted that he was out at the crime scene in Skibby with another person and with the purpose of robbery showed a gun, which, however, he has explained, did not work.

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– He at his own initiative, explained that it was the 34-year-old medsigtede, ed.), who participated as andenmand, the judge said in the explanatory memorandum, where it is also stated that signalementet can fit with the medsigtede, and that is driven to the scene of the crime in his car.

Likewise, during the police searches in connection with the case found a box for a phone with an IMEI number that matches a telephone that has called the victim for hjemmerøveriet to arrange a meeting. On the box that found the 34-year-olds fingerprints.

The two accused were still in custody in four weeks, and the judge also considered that there are reasonable grounds for suspecting, that both the accused are guilty, in accordance with the charge of robbery.

It was apparent from Friday’s court hearing that the two men are charged by police for more conditions than those already put forward in court.

It is only now that a judge has taken a position to the robbery-the charge, but the police told about the already 10. October. Here opened inspector Kim Kliver up that more was on the way.

Drabsofferet Kiehn Andersen’s son Jack Andersen and his sister Susanne Nielsen, who is seen here at the scene of the crime, was present in court, as also the killed brother had turned up. Photo: Per Rasmussen

Our investigation paints a very worrying picture of the two arrested, which we suspect to be involved in several other serious and serious crimes in addition to the two killings and hjemmerøveriet in Skibby. So we continue with an in-depth investigation against the two men all of the cards in the case has been reversed, he said.

the Prosecutor expects that the matter is finished-investigated within a few months and can be scheduled to run around this summer.