Sundar Pichai – the newly ordained ceo of the company Alphabet, which owns the Google – can come to receive not less than 240 million dollars (over 1.6 billion) in aktiebonus over the next three years.

It is the largest amount, which is been a top executive in the u.s. it-giant in the view.

the Entire bonus will only be paid if the Alphabet live up to a number of targets under Pichais management.

Pichai also get an annual salary of two million dollars (13.5 million dollars). It can be compared with that Larry Page – one of the founders of Google only gave himself an annual salary of a single dollar in the same role last year.

It was a symbolic gesture from the Pages page, as a ceo of the large it giants typically have as big aktiebonusser, to their annual salary does not have greater significance. Also Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, will get only a dollar in annual salary.

– In relation to the deployment of the other executives is Pichais aktiebonus under an amount of eur 376 million (over 2.5 billion dollars) to Tim Cook when he took over Apple, says Amit Batish from Equilar, which keeps the eye with topchefers wages.

Pichai is perceived as the man who has ensured the great success of Google’s web browser, Chrome.

The two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, entered earlier this month resigned from their roles as, respectively, executive director and president of the Alphabet.

the Founders are, however, still involved in the company as shareholders and members of the company’s board of directors.

Google was founded in september 1998. It was originally only an algorithm, which let users search on the internet. Since more services have come to.

These include, among other videotjenesten YouTube, like Alphabet, also owns the company Waymo, which develops self-driving cars.

Sundar Pichai has worked 15 years in Google and is now the company’s public face.

Since Pichai took over the leadership of Google in 2015, he had an annual salary of 652.500 dollar (about 4.4 million). The following year, his salary multiplied thanks to 199 million u.s. dollars (1.34 billion dollars) in dividends.