Liverpool’s German manager, Jurgen Klopp, rebuke again the planning of the team’s fixtures.

he says at the final press conference prior to the finals at the WORLD cup, where Liverpool Saturday meetings of the brazilian Flamengo, who won the south american club competition the Copa Libertadores.

Tuesday, may Liverpool send a youth team on the pitch in the quarter finals of the League Cup against Aston Villa, as seniorholdet having to play the semi-final of the WORLD cup against mexican Monterrey on Wednesday.

Flamengo park was sent down here with a clear message to win the tournament and return home as heroes.

– We were asked to stay home and play the League Cup, says Jurgen Klopp told AFP at the press conference in Doha, Qatar, where the tournament is played.

According to Jürgen Klopp has the WORLD cup-the tournament is much more important for the teams outside Europe. But Klopp insists that it is special.

My view has changed after I have come down here.

– For us it is very special. We are here, so now we give it a proper attempt, says Jürgen Klopp.

Liverpool join in the tournament due to their win in the Champions League in June.

Despite six Champions League trophies have Liverpool never won the WORLD cup.

In 2005, lost the English to brazilian in São Paulo, and in 1981, when the tournament was called the Intercontinental Cup, lost to Liverpool to Flamengo, which at the time was led by the brazilian legend Zico.

– This is important and an opportunity to write us in the club’s history books, says Liverpool goalkeeper Allison.

The brazilian goalkeeper so as a 14-year-old his former team, brazilian Internacional, beating FC Barcelona in the tournament in 2006.

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