Sara Bridge is the type that takes matters into their own hands, and get the answers she hopes.

It reveals she is on Instagram, where she can announce that she has become engaged to her boyfriend Lasse Lund:

‘He said YES!’ she writes, followed by a heart.

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the Couple is currently on vacation in Costa Rica, and Extra Magazine trying to get a comment from Sara Bridge.

Where: DR-the profile is sparse with information on his Instagram profile, so is Lasse Lund something more talkative. On his open profile, he describes how it went.

‘once again Sara has blown me completely backwards! This time in the 45-meter height on a suspension bridge in Costa Rica – with a ring in bæltetasken’, he writes.

Sara Bridge is among other things known from programs such as ‘Go Morgen P3’ and ‘Hjerteflimmer’. Photo: Mogens Flindt

In quite a romantic show, he tells further that he should not have been so surprised and happy, since he, as a 15-year-old got her own desktop gamer computer in nonfirmationsgave.

‘Sara has got the ring designed by my friend Ida and imagine the Bellahøj houses. Because I’m proud of where I come from’, he writes.

Sara Bridge, which now have been engaged on a bridge, confirmed the relationship to Lasse Lund back in 2017.