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That is far from the Bahamas to Bokseinstituttet in Valby, but no longer than that there is now a caribbean reggae rumbling out of the small speakers in the worn-out premises.

Those are Sherman Williams for.

An old acquaintance of Danish boxing. Not necessarily because of his knockout win in Aarhus in 2016, but rather because he has been one of the favorite guys to pull into, when you had to prepare for a storkamp. It can Brian Nielsen sign.

I knocked him completely, says Sherman Williams with a big grin that can be heard in the whole hall.

He sparrede with ‘Super Brian’ ahead of many big fights, among other things, Mike Tyson-the fight, and fell in love with Copenhagen. Now he is the coach of the new hope Sarah Mahfoud and Ditlev Rossing, which must match 1. February in an event, which can be followed Extra the Magazine’s website.

Sherman Williams guides Mahfoud, and the plan is a knockoutsejr. The first in her career, where appropriate. Photo credit: Tariq Khan

He fought against Evander Holyfield and been a sparring partner for the big guns like Vitaly Klitchko and Lennox Lewis. Ukraineren he got to learn all of Bob marley’s songs, but the friendship with Lennox Lewis stabs deeper. He knew he was a good guy, but to a party in Miami Beach, he was nevertheless surprised.

– Lennox Lewis I hung out a lot together with. Very intelligent. He threw not about the money for the strippers and the sort, while he sat in a Lamborghini.

– I have seen people go crazy and get bills for 100,000 dollars.

– I was a ridiculous event with Lennox. We sat at the table in the Opium Garden Miami, the hottest place. Servitricerne was almost topless, only with a sticker over the nipple. You could be lucky there, he says, and can’t hold the laughter back.

– most would impress such a place. Everything was wildly expensive.

The easiest had been to go with on galejen, but sværvægtsverdensmesteren would not have to pay for everything that stood ready on the table.

– He was a simple guy, so he didn’t have to spend much money in order to impress.

the Passion radiating out of Williams. Photo credit: Tariq Khan

He has met many of the great, and there are some crazy balls in among. It admits he would like.

– Mike Tyson was a bit extreme, but a guy like Trevor He is the craziest and funniest I have met.

He beat Mohammed Ali in the legend’s last match ever. He and Williams trained together in Florida, and he told how he had smashed legend. The next moment he was about to sell him a piece of land on Jamaica, where one could raise pigs, or grow cannabis.

– He had so many thoughts, so he was totally flighty. The Fed guy.

– Once he came into the gym, and without heating up he went in the ring. We were there, me and a guy by the name of Phil Jackson, who had bokset against some of the greats, bl.a. Lennox Lewis. I knew well that he was insane, so I let Jackson and He go in time.

– Phil hit him with a good blow, so He asked if he would have war. So they went in time with the second round, and He said, ‘time out.’

– I know what you are doing, he said to Jackson. But when you make it blow, then stand like this. While he talked with him, he hit him and knocked him out. It ended in a pure street fight. Phil ran after his gun, killing him after his machete. I hurried over to the corner and kept my mouth shut.

They had spoken out. Such as.

– I can remember that He said: I’m Sorry I struck you, but I don’t like you, your ugly motherfucker.

No one died, and no one called the police.


The european boxers are too rigid in it. Even a Dancing with the stars winner, as Mahfoud, believes Williams. Photo credit: Tariq Khan

– Sarah is a diva

Sherman Williams call Sarah Mahfoud, a diva. It is quite alright, he thinks. But there has been one big challenge for him to make her ready for the WORLD cup match against Brenda Carabajal.

– It was a little difficult. She said to me: ‘did you Know that I was in Love with the Dance?’

– I knew It well. ‘I have seen your small delicate feet’, I said to her. ‘Now we need to use it in your boxing.’

I said to her: ‘Sarah, you can’t be a Danish or white anymore. You must have some soul.’

After three weeks looks better. But one other thing has worried about the Danish WORLD cup aspirant.

– Sarah pointed out that she had some knockouts. It is not a problem for 1. February have you, I said to her.

And she should not be cloud. If she feels sexy, then say it. You are fast, beautiful and skilled. When they hear it in Argentina, they know they have made a mistake.

He calls on all the Danish boksefans to jump on the train now.

I hope that the danes will support their boxers.


the Poster for the Williams greatest battle. PR photo

Back in 2011, he got his biggest fight against Evander Holyfield. It was a circus without equal.

First was the fight postponed several times.

– He had a suspicious injury. It was my advantage, for at the time I was only going to fish and drink Heineken.

– He thought, he took the weak link. They had already set a kassekamp up with Vitaly Klitchko. I had been injured after a car accident and has been inactive for 13 months.

I thought he was kind of a wuss after the Mike Tyson fight.

Williams remembers, in particular, that Holyfield would not give him the hand.

to be honest, he was a pile of crap. Evander pretended as if I was not there, and it was so disrespectful.

In the fight got Williams quickly taken over, and he was sure that he got the ram on Holyfield and injured his eye. In the second round bumped the heads together, and blood ran from the crown of an eye.

– the Whole world saw the fight, and he gave up in the third round. If you can’t boxes on, so it’s usually a technical knockout.

They came to a draw. We should have a rematch, but it never came.

He feel not, he got many chances in his career. There was no reason, that an american promoter should lead a from the Bahamas forward.

the Sport has a problem here, believes Williams.

– If you are a promoter and have the money, then you can get fights against Mickey Mouse or a taxi-from Pakistan, to build his resume up and then end up in a battle for the world championship.

Sherman Williams makes Sarah Mahfoud ready for the WORLD cup-the battle 1. February. Photo credit: Tariq Khan

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here.

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