Copenhagen Police are currently present in at Grønnemose Avenue and Moseskellet at Utterslev Mose with divers.

It confirms the Copenhagen Police to Ekstra Bladet.

– We are out to see if there is something in the water. And so we should find out where it originates from. It is a person that has called in to us and reviewed it, says vagtchef at Copenhagen Police Henrik Svejstrup.

the Police would not at first disclose what they fish out of the water, but by the 19-time confirms to Ekstra Bladet that it is money.

At the pictures from the site, you can see that, among other things, are being fished tusindekronesedler up.

– There are technicians, a hundevogn and a regular patrol out here. And so are they with divers in the water, fishing the money up.

– There is a good deal of money. They bring together all bunched up, and then there are some, there just is solved, tells Extra the Magazine’s man on the spot.

the Police have been on the site a large part of the afternoon, and on Thursday evening they continued to the present.

– We have requisitioned some light out there, but it is not to say, how long we will be out there.

Perhaps to ensure that there is more?

– Yes, how about, says Henrik Svejstrup.

He tells that there is not yet any bids on where the money comes from, but that it is now to be investigated further.