A turbulent autumn for the FOOD the Lions culminated over the weekend, as the team with a classy victory in the 2-0 victory over Finnish ENCE qualified for the a of Counter-Strike’s major events: IEM Katowice.

FOOD Lions, who previously went under the name Tricked, but towards the end of 2019, were sold, has had a steady upward graph throughout the autumn, and although there is always included a bit of chaos when you move from home, so has the team managed to keep the propeller in the water her team was bought, says the team’s captain, Nicolai, ’the DOG’ Petersen.

– to have a hinterland, where there is a track on the economy, fuldtidstræner and structure has been so important for our development. Especially for me, for now I can focus on the team and my own game.

– It means everything that we qualify ourselves to IEM Katowice. We dreamed about it, and we believed in it from the first round. After we came back from christmas holidays, it has been going on over ten hours of training every day, and it is the first time that we try to train with a fuldtidscoach. So we see a clear progress already now, says ’the DOG’.

With the IEM Katowice written in the calendar for the danes, it’s about continuing to dream big. In Katowice, participating the world’s absolute best teams, and therefore will FOOD Lions also come into the tournament as underdogs.

It could not, however, the Danish captain.

– the Objective must be to continue our streak of always hitting the playoffs. It will be difficult but we can 100% make it, says Nicolai, ’the DOG’ Petersen.

IEM Katowice is played from the 25. February to the 1. march. Verdensranglistens ten best teams, including the Danish Astralis, participating, and there is $ 500,000 in the prize pool.

FOOD lion’s composed by Nicolai ’the DOG’ Petersen, Lucas ’Bubzkji’ Andersen, Frederik ’acoR’ Gyldstrand, Rasmus sjuush’ Beck and Frederick ’roeJ’ Jørgensen.

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