DARLINGTON (Ekstra Bladet): The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, has run into one problem after another in the absolute last days of the election campaign.

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Now is the turn to the conservative president’s mode of transport around the uk during the election campaign.

And here comes a Danish flights from Sonderborg enter in the picture.

Boris Johnson and his kampagnestab has chartered a plane from the Danish airline Alsie Express, which is usually operating on the route between Sønderborg with a special ash black propeller aircraft of the type ATR 42/72.

And along the way in the election campaign the british prime minister with the following elected to fly some very short hop between the mid – and nordengelske cities in his tour de force around the valgkampsslutspurten.

Among other things, between Doncaster Sheffield Airport and Teeside Airport at Middlesbrough. A trip of about 130 miles, which would have taken just 53 minutes by direct train.

the flight plan of Boris Johnson, with Alsie Express. Source: Flight Radar 24

It has been environmental activists and the opposition Labour party to throw themselves raging over Boris Johnson.

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– How can Boris Johnson say, that he is dedicated to bringing emissions down, when he will take unnecessary and environmentally damaging fyvninger? Boris Johnson is the living proof that the majority of the flights being taken by the privileged few, while the rest of us pay the price for global warming, says Labour’s transportordfører, Andy MacDonald, to the medium and Simple Flying.

Director: Any time been in addition to
Ekstra Bladet has been in contact with Alsie Express in Sønderborg. Here is one not thrilled to be put in the context of Johnson’s flyvevaner.

– Basic we had probably been in the attention in addition to. But it is the political game, running up to an election – It probably can’t be different, says Dennis Rybasch, director of Alsie Express for the Extra Magazine.

Luftfartsdirektøren explains that the tours with the british prime minister is arisen by chance.

– It doesn’t matter whether it is political travel, tours with the stars, sports or other. It takes place in the same way. There are brokers, which are responsible for providing travel. That was on Saturday night, sent a request, whether we can fly on Sunday. And it we could.

– Since we didn’t, it was with the type of passengers. It came later with the case of passenger name records, says Dennis Rybasch.

– Now In black fly, which is quite special. Has it played into a desire of Boris Johnson?

– It has not had any role. It was just so random, as when we flew the German national team during the european championship finals in France, says Dennis Rybasch.