MANCHESTER (Ekstra Bladet): A massacre is almost too mild a word.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour has been wiped out from the valgkortet in large parts of its heartland through up to 100 years in the Uk. It is now clear in a number of key Labour constituencies, according to the british Thursday went to the options.

According to a late forecast from Sky News with well over half of the votes counted and over 500 constituencies, out of 650 published is Boris Johnson to a big victory at the decembervalget.

The british prime minister and The Conservative Party has, according to the forecast won between 363 and 369 seats. Needed 326 for an absolute majority.

Many sites have Johnson and co. won big scalps from the Labour of the old, illustrious arbejdertis heartland in the North of england. Several sites are constituencies switched from Labour to the conservatives for the first time in history.

Not least around Manchester, where the Extra Magazine has covered the elections.

for Example, circles as Leigh in the vicinity of the fodboldmetropolen lost for the Labour party, which has been in power in the 98 years since 1922 in this constituency. And further north in the Blyth Valley close to Newcastle, the power is also switched from Labour to the conservatives after nearly 85 years. Also in the north of Wales, where towns such as Wrexham in a lifetime has been represented by the Labour party in parliament, is today conservative.

Brexit on rails?

With a reinforced majority in parliament Boris Johnson, probably the opportunity to finally get out its terms with the EU ‘brexit fixed’, which has been one of his election promises.

Jeremy Corbyn ran into a stinging defeat. Photo: AP

According to the more conservative of top officials, including finance minister Sajid Javid, will the next vote on the skilsmisseaftalen may already be on the agenda in the house of Commons before christmas.

Boris Johnson has promised that brexit is a reality before 31. January 2020.

– It looks like the conservatives will get a strong new mandate. To get the brexit orderly. And not just that, but also to unite our country, says Boris Johnson, who is re-elected as prime minister of great Britain with over 25,000 votes in his constituency, Uxbridge.

– I thank my medkandidater, Lord Buckethead and Elmo and the other. But first and foremost, I thank this country’s population from a choice, as we had in december, but which has ended up to be historic, I think.

Boris Johnson says he already from today will go after to get done brexit. Something he has promised again and again in the election campaign.

Conversely, Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has already conceded defeat and said he will resign after a transitional phase which he has not defined.

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