In Wednesday’s title of ‘Paradise Hotel’, there is again action on the sheets, when Tobias Friberg beats the clutches of Julie Bischoff.

She is really gone to bed, but it will Tobias will not allow themselves to stop by. He throws all of the clothes, let pierrot dangle freely and bounces upstairs Julie, who is in bed under a protective sheet, which however, does not prevent the inevitable.

There is just the small problem that he has been happy for Sarah Dohn, as he has a hefty flirt running with. They have had sex, sending loving messages to each other, and he does not hide that it is Sarah he wants.

Danish well-known – 29. jan. 2020 – pm. 13:02 Messed up in brandert: We meet again

the Next morning, Tobias also everything else than satisfied with himself, and he tells to the camera how it was a blunder and a mistake.

Together with Julie to take, therefore, the only mature options, and agreements not to say anything to anyone. Which they managed to keep hidden until they once again hit the Danish soil after the program.

– I did not know that they had been together. I found out first of, when I came home, say, Sarah Dohn for Extra Magazine, and continues:

– I think it’s fucking obnoxious. There is not much else there. In the beginning I was the same, but he goes with it is fucking obnoxious. He gave me the one love letter after another, so it is humiliating for me. It seems I’m 100 percent. What the fuck, so, says Sarah Dohn with reference to the fact that she earlier in the program had a triangle on it with Freja and Oliver.

In the same period had Tobias sex with Julie, and they were, therefore, agreed that it was 1-1.

Auberginen, above, when Tobias throws the pants. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

Sarah emphasises that she is not sur anymore, but it was she, when she found out what had happened after returning home.

– He can’t control his third leg. I think it is fucked that you do not have more brainpower. I’m not mad at him, for it is done, but I think it is obnoxious.

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When the Extra Leaf captures Julie over the phone, she takes no more notice of, to Tobias to regret their sexual intercourse in Wednesday’s section and giving it a label, ‘a blunder’.

– It is with mixed feelings, but basically, I understand him well. It is too bad that he can not vouch for his actions, but I can well understand him, when he is happy for Sarah, ” says Julie to the Extra Blade.

He calls sex with you for an outright mistake. It would probably hurt the many?

– It does not hurt, I think maybe, I would have it in the same way, if I was happy, and I was not at all happy for Tobias on the way. It is too bad, he had not the backbone to do it, but it’s rice to own ass. I can’t help that he is such.

Tobias had really promised Sarah not to swipe with the other, but it did not last long. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

As Extra the Blade catches Tobias over the phone, he can see that his formulations about his and Juliet’s natteroderi not completely lucky.

– But it’s not about Julie. She is cheeky, but it was a mistake in the sense that I had promised Sarah not to do it. So it was that I messed up. Had it been any other, it had also been a mistake, he explains.

Danish well-known – 28. jan. 2020 – pm. 20:09 Danish tv-celebrity in the big blunder

He buys, however, not sarah’s interpretation that he should have behaved ‘fucking obnoxious’.

In the moment I have not a bad conscience, but of course I have a little bad conscience in the body, when I will be sober. It was not nice. I am also perhaps a little manufactured as a cold bastard, that crack to the right and the left, but listen here – I’m not in a relationship with some of them, and at home crack I also, whom I want to.

Why is it so hard to stick to one?

– Well, when there is the possibility to be together with several, ik. We are in a hotel, and it goes out to win and enjoy themselves as much as possible. I would eddermame be sad, when I came home, had I not got the experience completely, and I didn’t feel that I had got, if I had gone all-in. But it is not the case, that it is my mission to pop as many as possible.

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Is it Sarah, you will have at this time?

– Yes, that’s it. 100 percent. We have the fucking fun together, and there is much you do not see between us. We’re doing so much pis at breakfast and dinner, send each other glances, makes faces, and has it fucking fun. Sarah and I are actually closer to each other, than you just go and see.

Why not go all-in on her instead of the swipe with the other?

– Because I do unto others before they do unto me. It is the feeling that instead, I will be disappointed, so I might as well just make as much fun as possible. If I find out that she has made something with the other, so I am not sur, so it goes just straight up, he says, referring to the fact that both had sex with others and therefore, it was agreed that the now stood 1-1.

With lagengymnastikken in Wednesday’s section is the position changed to 2-1.