Slalomkøreren Alex Vinatzer was in extraordinarily good mood, when he Tuesday night, stroking over the finish line in the World Cup department in Austria.

The 20-year-old Italian had set the best time.

He was so happy that he pounded his fists in the gang for the end of the piste, while the smile just seemed to grow and grow. From ear to ear.

Then he turned. The joy was still there, but now arose the confusion. For out to the left at the track run a few shifts and tried to catch a woman.

the TV cameras had long since caught her, for she was run into on the hill and over the finish line, just as the Vinatzer had passed it.

Photo: Christian Bruna/Ritzau Scanpix

She had a hat on, so hot out. It seemed the dark boots to be. But otherwise it was so-so with practical attire. You had to be more than ordinary heavy in it to believe, that the black swimsuit was wearing to keep warm.

And finally there was the smile, as she had with him all the way the relatively few seconds, the scene took place.

Over her head she held a sign that said ‘RIP Kobe’ with reference to NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who on Sunday died in a helikopterulykke in California along with eight other persons.

Article continues below these three pictures of Alex Vinatzer, rushing toward the goal, rejoicing at his time and finally regret, say yellow and blue.

Photo: Erwin Scheriau/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Lisi Niesner/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Erwin Scheriau/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

the TV pictures changed. Now was the French Clement Noel filmed. He sat on a to the apartment finely furnished chair and laughed. Slow replays showed that he already, as baneløberen had established business slopes, had raised up and given the thumbs up.

Clement Noel sat in the chair, because he led the World Cup-the department, and the joy in his mind was perhaps that he was already aware that Alex Vinatzers time would not count.

For it did not. And thus was the Vinatzer also removed the majority of the smile again.

Photo: Christian Bruna/Ritzau Scanpix

Baneløberen was, of course, Kinsey Wolanski. The 23-year-old american woman who became world famous when she accusations that the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham last summer. Then, as now, wearing a black swimsuit, although it must be presumed that she is better able to put on the temperatures in Madrid in June than in Schladming in January.

at the Time advertised she on the suit for my boyfriends website. On Tuesday, it was, as I said, with a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

The Swedish tv-station SVT’s commentator Johan Ejeborg sat hovedrystende and tried to put into words.

– What is it here? What is it here? A real scandal!

– How is it she managed to get into? There are a million guards here, how is it possible? It is not just one or two, she has passed. And so, break she the photocell before the Vinatzer. It is completely wrong, he said, according to Expressen.

Alex Vinatzer might finally see themselves referred to an overall sixth place, while Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen won the World Cup-department.

Vinatzer chose, however, to bring a cheerful my eftefølgende, which was demonstrated by his Instagram profile.

– Ohh boy, looks like I’ve got a new girlfriend. Sixth place in the centre of Schladming and probably one of the best målfoto ever. Schladming, you were amazing!!!, he writes.

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Ohh boy looks like I have a new girlfriend6th place in Schladming and probably one of the best finish photos everSchaldming you were amazing!! #givesyouwings #nordicaski #ripkobe #netinsurance #wearefusi.

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Mrs. Wolanski has as a model previously participated in a beauty pageant, the Miss Jet set, in the UNITED states, just as there has been found room for her at, among others, Sports Illustrated and Maxim.

With its baneløb in Madrid, she was partly people to bestorme boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiys website that she advertised for, but also her own Instagram profile was overrun.

So she went from about 230.000 followers to a few million. Today, there are 3.4 million who follow her comings and goings. Often wearing clothing that does not leave much to the imagination.

After the CL-final, she got a symbolic fine imposed by UEFA, while the authorities arrested her briefly along with her boyfriend, when they tried to take the final of the Copa América between Brazil and Peru.

What are the consequences of her stunt in the centre of Schladming get is not yet published.

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