Liverpool boss Mike Gordon was aboard the privatlfy, as of Wednesday morning, missed the runway at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport.

It has therefore not been possible to get either to or from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport ago.

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It writes the English Mirror.

He is known by Liverpool fans as the man who runs the club, and was on his way to Liverpool from Massachusetts to participate in club-related meetings. He has 12 percent of the shares in the Fenway Sports Group, which is the company that owns Liverpool. Gordon is second, therefore, only by John Henry, who is sitting with 40 percent.

Mike Gordon is the owners ‘ representative in Liverpool and operates the club on a daily basis together with the Liverpool boss Peter Moore.

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Mike Gordon has a reputation for keeping himself in the background, but are often found on the stage. Photo: John Powell/

After the plane had missed the runway, were first aid summoned.

Neither Mike Gordon or the three members of the flight crew, however, was hurt. The american should not have been more affected by the incident, than that he still got the passport today’s program.

– Mike has it completely fine. There was no damage, and he is very grateful to the incredible staff at John Lennon Airport as well as first aid staff to make sure that it was an experience without trauma, informs a source at Liverpool FC to the Mirror.

the Airport informs at the time of writing on Twitter that the still is shut down.

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