It is a rarity in the Danish municipalities in the year 2019, that the mayor get a skatteyderbetalt Mercedes to a value of at least 850.000. And even using a p-space-feint over for a private villa.

the Extra Leaf has researched other municipalities around Rødovre, where the socialist mayor, Erik Nielsen, on a daily basis can take its Mercedes GLC 350 Hybrid to and from work; contrary to the rules set out by the ministry of Economy and the ministry of the Interior.

the Danish policy – 17. dec. 2019 – at. 16:00 Bykonge in the poor municipality revealed

the Danish policy – 17. dec. 2019 – at. 19:58 Mercedes-the mayor revealed: Here he gets cold feet

None of the municipalities, Extra Magazine have examined, have the same cool car scheme.

in several of the larger cities in the country, the real mayor-tjenestebil.

In Odense must Erik Nielsen’s partikollega, Peter Rahbæk Juel, for example, nicely ask to borrow a Toyota Yaris ‘older date’ in the municipality’s system, if he needs to use a car. It informs Odense Municipality.

Peter Rahbæk Juel is the mayor of the city of over 200,000 odenseanere distributed to more than 300 km2. Erik Nielsen representing five times fewer with 40,000 citizens. Rødovre measure more modest (12 km2).

Nor in many of the other Ranked municipalities, is there anything that just looks like Erik Nielsen’s special Rødovre-sled.

most of The reports that the mayor is running in the own car and charge mileage allowance like most other danes.

Only the Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, with the total 700,000 inhabitants a really chaufførordning, where mayors can be driven to and from home, which follows the interior ministry’s strict rules in this area.

See below for how mayors are transported in the other communes: