A hearing in the town of Caernarfon in Wales has just concluded that the 30-year-old Mia Austin from Merseyside in the north of England died during a holiday in Wales, when she tried to swallow a marshmallow. Coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones ruled that the death was an accident.

It writes multiple media including the BBC and the Mirror

the run-up to the unusual deaths were presented during the hearing, where the deceased Mia Austin mother Carol explained that her daughter 10 years ago, had a stroke that left her paralysed from the neck down to the bottom. She had contracted the rare disease ‘Locked in syndrome’, where the patient is able to perceive everything around him, but himself cannot move or communicate verbally due to paralysis of almost all muscles in the body.

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Mia has been in a wheelchair since his slagtilfæde 10 years ago. Here she is on travel in Asia. (Photo: Private/Facebook)

Why was it extra fatal blow, as Mia during the holidays in Wales in the month of June in a business got your eye on some marshmallows.

‘There had supposedly been a challenge in the reality program ‘Love Island’, where we had to stuff marshmallows in your mouth and swallow them. It would Mia like to try along with two of his friends’, explained Carol during the consultation.

Then turned Mia back to his holiday apartment, together with her carer, who put a marshmallow in her mouth. Third party had proposed to cut the marshmallow into some smaller pieces. But it refused to Billion by that shake of the head.

Shortly after Mia kvælningsfornemmelser and panicked. Because of her illness she was unable to cough the marshmallow up from the neck. Then she lost consciousness, and the third party is summoned quickly in an ambulance. But it was too late. Mia died of asphyxia.

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Mia is here on a little excursion in the wild with two of her girlfriends. (Photo: Private/Facebook)

Mother Carol also explained to Mia before his stroke in 2009, had been a healthy girl, who worked as a tour guide. After his stroke was Mia only able to communicate by means of a staveplade and his computer.

In spite of his serious illness continued Billion to travel around the world. She also participated in a wide range of charities and was a great inspiration for people who had suffered a stroke. At a time the runway, she is also on the street in Liverpool to raise money for and create awareness about the city’s homeless.

Mia Austin was the day after his death and named ‘the end of Woman in Merseyside’.

Mia is here on a tennis court. (Photo: Private/Facebook)