In the christmas storsællert of a book ‘Both Sides’ gives Nicklas Bendtner a glimpse into life on the first class, where money quickly get ben to go on.

Expensive dinners, fine wines, branded and casinobesøg was a key component of the package, when the Danish stjerneangriber was at its highest, and it cost him dearly.

How expensive?

Yes, in the tv program ‘Breinholt and Bendtner’, where his friend Anders Breinholt in calm surroundings speak to him, telling Bendtner that it went so far that he practically went bankrupt with an annual salary of 25 million dollars.

– When you look back on it now, you can see that it is a complete hole in the head.

– When you use everything you earn. No matter what you earn, you can live beyond their means, and that is what happens for me: I live over the ability.

– I will not set myself down and made a savings plan, where I say to myself that I must live on a smaller blade. The acquaintances I encounter, are all some that are very poor and live rich. I will not fall through. You don’t know when to say no.

Arsenal-the contract could have gold plated Bendtner, but he spent the money. Photo: Andy Hooper / Associated Newspapers

It was only when I smoke really on your ass and bust it up for me, that there is something completely wrong here.

Breinholt, then asks whether he considers himself as bankrupt as 23-year-old.

– No, because I have my contract still, but if you look at my account, so yes.

Bendtner says that he used the rub and stub, and then tells an anecdote from the expensive time.

He had a kamemrat for a visit, but just had to on shopping. He goes in a Dolche Gabbana store, which is closed to all except him and rock performer Rod Stewart.

There overforbug is also well described in the autobiography ‘Both Sides. Photo: Lars Poulsen

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Two hours later, the former Arsenal striker sent seven bags of clothing to the home without having the overview over how much the bill was. The light shocked buddy went bonen through, but the final amount discouraged not Bendtner, for such was his life at the time. It gave him a kind of joy to spend his money on the way.

In the program reveals Bendtner, he before her 18th birthday tjenete about 3000 dollars a month and ago went around 430.000. When he made the big contract with Arsenal got the salary so again a nøk up, for there was the monthly salary of over two million.

the Attacker, as right now considering his next move after the FCK-end report of the program does not, what he has done to get a handle on the economy.

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