you Could not have chosen a bigger car?’ asked a mother outside the nursery.

’No, not if it should be a Volvo,’ I replied.

The five-metre-long and 180 cm high, the Volvo XC90 is something of a vessel. Fortunately, the in the knees when you stop it, so it is to enter. Therefore, if you have selected the air suspension and Four-C chassis to 46.543 kr.

Like its competitors Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7 are the options on the ekstraudstyrslisten almost inexhaustible. But the crosses costs, and testbilen lands just under 1.4 million. kr.

his rebirth with the chinese owners received much praise for their design and sumptuous interior. It keeps still. Swedish-chinese are friendly and welcoming in its expression – especially if you choose the bright leather – and trævarianter. The seats are, as we know it from the Volvo, quite tasty, but they are not so good for large people as ten years ago, when Volvo was still owned by Ford.

the Cabin of the XC90 leaves room for seven people, or six with the third row of seats, which is fine usable for persons up to approx. 170 cm, while there is still 265 liters of luggage compartment to the back with all seats in use.

Even with all seats up is still roughly the luggage space. For most it makes more sense with seven seats, which is also an option. Photo: Ebbe Sommerluind

tells that it is a mild hybrid with a 48 volt battery that accumulates energy by braking and uses it again during acceleration. It takes place completely unnoticed and should help to save on fuel and brake pads.

The large frontal area combined with a weight of over two tons of costs, however, fuel in the car, which has a four cylinder engine of 2.0 liter with 235 hp, and we lay in the cut of around 10 km/l over 2,000 km. But a trip from Aarhus to Copenhagen t/r gave a reasonable figure of 14.5 km/l.

It is lagging, however, with motorstøjen, there is no special premium. It is Harman Kardon speakers, however – the sound is really good, but the lands also on the twenty thousand kr. If the sound must be at higher level with B&W speakers, rounds the dkk 80,000.

the Interior is cozier than the German competitors. Photo: Ebbe Sommerlund

requires the operation of the infotainment system habituation. But even after a week seems the air conditioner to live his own life. It is as if the noise and the efficiency does not quite go hand in hand, and that blæserstyrken do not correspond to what comes out of the nozzles.

But the worst thing is almost that the steering wheel in the testbilen squeaks from the collection under the left rateger. Mildly annoying is also the ’Drive Mode’button to køreprogrammerne, there is a smooth scroll button, as the finger slides in.

the XC90 is created for the u.s. market, and that is not a normal occurrence with dynamics, and it is fine for the XC90 holds it does not. It is comfortable and secure in his behaviour, but there comes a smile on the lips. The price can quickly run up, when enhancement on board. The disarming attitude means that many can forgive the size.


B can mean a lot

The friendly giant. Even though the XC90 is five meters long, it emits only good vibes. Photo: Ebbe Sommerlund

If you know little to Volvo, so you know that the letter refers to the engine type, where T stands for turbobenzin and D for diesel. The figure indicates where the engine is located in ydelseshierarkiet. But B is something new, and it is actually a little confusing.

it was B for petrol, but brændstoffyret, which starts on cold mornings, reveals that a top up with the green or red gun could have disastrous consequences for the engine. The car smells like a Mercedes-taxi from the 1980s, so it is a dieselbil. B whereas it is a mild hybrid with a 48-volt battery. In fact, can B also be a gasoline engine, to make the confusion total.

Volvo has also XC90 as plug-in hybrid in the program, which is powered by gasoline engine and battery that can be recharged in the outlet. The type of models, named Twin Engine from Volvo. The latest version is not yet priced. It makes 390 hp and can run 39-42 km on pure electricity.

About 1.4 million. kr.

1.152.285 kr.

four cylinder diesel 2.0 litre

the 235 hp v/4.000 rpm./my.

480 Nm v/1.750 rpm./my.

Ottetrins automatic transmission

14,9-13,9 km/l at mixed driving

175-187 gr. Co2/ km

220 km/h.

7,6 sec.

2.120 kg

2.679 kg

the 2,700 kg/750 kg