7. march 2020 puts Royal Arena house for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

It will be Hella Joof and paul rudd, who will control the battle, and the choice of the couple must be regarded as something of a surprise.

first, they will be with their respectively 57 and 43 years old some of the oldest hosts in living memory. In addition, it is quite new, that the hosts are not either is permanent on the DR or have a special attachment to the Melody Grand Prix.

Last year was the DR-man Kristian Gintberg and the former Grand Prix winner Johannes Nymark, who were the hosts on the show. In the year they are therefore replaced by the actor-duo.

paul rudd welcomes, not surprisingly, to stand in the forefront of the show.

– It is a national festival, and the are we ready to embrace. Melodi Grand Prix sits deep in our dna. It is something we all know from when we were kids, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

paul rudd

43 years old, married and the father of four.

Trained as an actress in 2000

Has appeared in a sea of movies and series among other films on Iqbal Faroq, ‘All for one’, Hella Joofs ‘Sleep Dolly on the back’, ‘Collision’ and the movie about John Denver, ‘So long as I live’.

Since then, he has performed with John Denver-concerts all over the country.

Is right now current in the ‘Linde on the Mountain’ which is a kind of talk show, he’s doing together with Sofie Linde. Mountain jumped to as a temp on the show, since Anders Breinholt had to opt-out because of overwork.

– Yes, it will be a lot of fun, says Hella Joof.

– It’s our career, that peaker that. In any case, so far, laughs she.

Hella Joof stresses, however, that it is not her and paul rudd, it should be about.

– It is artists, it is all about. They shall shine, and we should probably help them, she says.

Rasmus Bjerg emphasises that it is important that the show is conducted with respect for the format.

– We should have fun, but it must be done with respect for the Grand Prix’a, he says.

Hella Joof

57 years old, married and the mother of an adult daughter.

Actress and filmmaker

Struck through in earnest during the ‘Bullerfnis’ and ‘Lex and the blot’ and has since appeared in, among other things ‘Humørkort’-tripod-seller’s son’ and ‘someone like Hodder’.

She is a scriptwriter and director on a wide range of Danish films. ‘Oh Happy Day’, ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Sleep Dolly on the back’ are just some of them.

it Can also call itself the author of a number of books. Among other things, the popular ‘Papmachéreglen’.

In 2017, she was appointed as a member of the Disruptionrådet.

this is The first time since 2011, to musikkonkurrencen shall be settled on the island of Zealand. At that time it was in the Ballerup Arena, the competition was definitely. Since Jutland sat heavily on the show – just with the exception of 2014, where Odense was the host.

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The ten artists that will compete at this year’s Melodi Grand Prix, has not yet been found, but from Monday, 20. January kicks off the semifinals started, where nine artists compete for a number of finalepladser. The nine song will be chosen with help from the listeners in the DR’s nine districts. Three of them have a seat at the Grand Prix’s.