MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): Following the slump at the european championships Nikolaj Jacobsen now concentrate on the summer OLYMPICS in Tokyo, where Denmark, as the defending world champions are qualified to participate.

But in contrast to EM, where he could make with the 16 man plus two reserves, will be there at the OLYMPICS only room for 14 players plus a reserve.

When Denmark won the OLYMPIC gold four years ago in Rio, selected the then national coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson, only to ask with a wing on each side.

the Extra Leaf has undergone Nikolaj Jacobsen’s bruttotrup, and here is our bid on ensure , they may suitable and the doubtful .
the Brothers Landin is among the most secure on the holdkortet to the OLYMPICS. Photo: Jens Dresling.

But the captain was an approved EM, and he is the first man on the holdkortet to the OLYMPICS. He is indisputably the best goalkeeper

Is at a high level in the Bundesliga and forming a perfect duo with Landin. Green fit well into the hierarchy of the team.

Missed EM because of the whole two damage. Has high status in the squad and is the secure choice on the right wing when he joins the ready.

He will be the next world star. Is good from the wing and can cover all positions in defense. He is unique

He is, in this context, the OLYMPIC veteran. Got EM just in the glimpses shown, why he is still regarded as the world’s best player.

Playmakeren had no great EM, but he is and becomes the first choice on the square. Missed the OLYMPICS in Rio because of an injury.

Forsvarsgeneralen have both on and off the pitch, a huge impact for the team. Just gets better with age.

It has often a tendency to overlook how much he actually once to accomplish. He can cover more positions and can also put the game up.

Was not ready for the european championship because of a head injury. PSG-the player will form a natural companionship with the Møllgaard partnered at the back.

Morten Olsen was bænkevarmer at the european championships, but he will still an OLYMPIC place. Photo: Lars Poulsen.
the Suitors

Even though he was the only left-handed right back, he was used very little by the EM. L. doubt manifest in him.

Got its slutrundedebut at the european championships and made it excellent. But there comes hardly two venstrefløje with for the OLYMPICS.

There will be fierce battle for the stregspillerpladserne. Was at the european championships overtaken by Magnus Saugstrup.

the Comet from Aalborg has great skills in both defence and attack. Can develop further forward towards the OLYMPICS.

He was reserve at the OLYMPICS in Rio and can get the same role this time, if the national coach chooses only to play with a right wing

He played only five minutes at the european championships and looks like a man, as Nikolaj Jacobsen is by sorting from its bruttotrup.

The clear tredjevalg on the wing. Delivers when he gets the possibility, but only if the other gets injured.

He supplies very fluctuating performance and he is limited by the fact that he can’t be used in defense.

We are still waiting for his breakthrough on the national team. Is tovejsspiller with great potential, but the lack of continuity.

The expectation was that he was full of EM. But he never got the opportunity to show off.

When the Casper. U Mortensen to be ready? Photo: Jens Dresling.
The doubtful

the Barcelona wing has been damaged in a year. His comeback pulls out. He is ready, he gets hardly more than a reserveplads.

The strong stregspiller was in a period of rapid development, when a knee injury put him out of the game. Are hardly the OLYMPICS-ready.

it was in the side at the european championships. Has been overtaken by the younger forces and there is not a natural choice for a limited OLYMPIC squad.

Målmandstalentet from the French Nantes will be summoned, if Landin or Green get injured.

Was in the last moment strained from the final EM squad. His challenge is that he can’t be used in defense.

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