It’s going to require a little extra travel time, when Astralis-the boys next year to try to win their fourth major in a row.

on Wednesday confirmed the ESL namely, as several had predicted would happen. To the next CS:GO major is going to be played in Brazil. More specifically Rio de Janeiro. For the first time in the history of the game.

– We are extremely proud to bear the the next major in Brazil, says Ulrich Schulze, vice president of the ESL, in a press release.

– Our goal is to bring the big moments to the most passionate fans all over the world. Teams from around the world have the opportunity to qualify and go in the final, and we expect some incredible matches with the most vocal audience we have ever seen.

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ESL One Rio, as the event has been dubbed, will be played in Jeunesse Arena, where there is room for 18.000 spectators.

Astralis is like defending champions have already qualified for the penultimate part of the tournament’s four stages.

From the 26. april to 3. may will be the game Minors. From the 11. 14. it stands on the Black Stage, where the Danish North participant.

Then apply the Legends Stage, where Astralis enter, in between the 21. 24. may be played for the Championship Stage.

There are a total of 1 million dollars in the prize pool.