Brøndby IF has, metaphorically speaking, a lottery ticket lying in the tray, which can provide a gain of around 30 million dollars.

the Money must then come from the club’s former main sponsor Jesper ‘Kasi’ Nielsen and his company Kasi ApS. As with all lotteries, however, it is far from certain that there is a win on the coupon.

Kasi ApS has gone bankrupt, and the company owes 118 million. Which strains 104 million from creditors, as Jesper Nielsen has promised a share in its so-called earn-out payment from the case, he is running against smykkeselskabet Pandora. It writes the Finance.

The case goes in brief that ‘Kasi-Jesper’ believes that he has over a billion dollars to the good for the profits of one of Pandora’s subsidiaries, while Pandora believes that there is no money for him. Brøndby is also dependent on that Kasi wins the arbitration case against Pandora.

Finance has come in possession of a statement from the liquidator in the bankruptcy estate, noting that the earn-out payment erf orbundet with ‘considerable uncertainty’. Therefore, he has tentatively set the value to 1 krone.

It is, according to Jesper Jørgensen, who is a partner in the audit firm Deloitte expressed the view that the administrator may not know about Jesper Nielsen and Kasi will get the money as they think they have to good and thus whether Brondby can get her.

– He (the curator, ed.) just say: ‘I have not kinamands chance to evaluate it, so therefore I have set it to a penny’. And I can understand that. He does not have access to the data that makes that he can have opinion, says Jesper Jørgensen for

Jørgensen, one of Denmark’s leading fodboldøkonomer, assesses, however, that the Brøndby do not have the budgeted money. Therefore, they will be a bonus for the dire state of the economy.

– Without that I’ve looked at their budget, you can be sure that they do not have recognised a crown of them. They have a lottery ticket lying in the tray, and then they see whether there is a win, says Jørgensen.

Brøndbys claims against Kasi ApS comes from an old sponsorship deal, as the club originally thought of having 41,1 million to the good from. In the last year included Brøndby and Kasi as a settlement, which still are dependent on whether the Kasi gets the money from Pandora.

Also the German handball club Rhein-Neckar Löwen and Gældsstyrelsen have millions to good from the Kasis potential earn-out payment.

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