As the ‘Lion’s den’ rolled across the screen on Thursday night, sought the twins Mikkel and Kasper Dissing, an investment of dkk 750,000 for five percent of their company

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Four of the five lions came out ready and made multiple offers, and the two brothers threw themselves, therefore, out of the ruthless negotiations with the experienced investors.

In the end ended up Jesper Buch and Jacob Vogl each get 7.5 percent of for 600,000 crowns. has put enf orventning about to hit 35 million. dollars in revenue in 2020, but it may very well end up higher than that. Photo: Carsten Andersen/DR

as soon As the twins hit the screen on DR1 on Thursday night, went to their site down, because there was more traffic than the server could cope with. It meant that two hours was not someone who could come in at

– It really was a big crisis, and it was so frustrating and hard. There were more than 10,000 visitors at the same time, just as we went on in the ‘Lion’s den, which was more than we had expected and dared to hope for. We had tried to prepare us that there would be much traffic, but we had obviously not prepared us well enough. There are some things that have gone completely wrong for us in the planning, and that we must just lay us flat down and say: ‘It is not good enough’, says Kasper.

– It came as a shock to me that we were not as prepared as we should have been, and it hurt. With the benefit of hindsight we should have done even more in order to be ready for the evening, but unfortunately, there is not so much to do by now. We rushed to get two new servers, but it took some time, and therefore we were only up and running again at 22.30. Therefore, we have of course had the loss in revenue, which is such a pity, he continues and explains:

I felt a little like we just had 8000 people, who stood and knocked on the door to come into our ‘shop’, but I could not get the door up in two hours because the door was blocked. It is just really frustrating. Of course, we welcome the many orders, but we can’t help to think how many we have missed. We must just hope that many of them come again today, where it all runs.

despite the major server-side issues ended the evening still good.

– I have not the precise figures of the number of orders, but I can say that from yesterday at 22.30-24.00, we sold the same, as we usually do in a week. So we got a week’s turnover of one and a half hours, says Kasper, and continues:

– We are also overwhelmed by the amount of orders we have received today so far so hopefully it continues just that way. Moreover, there are also really many, who have written messages to us about how cool we were on tv, and it means a lot.

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The royal twins are looking forward to what the future holds for their business. Photo: Carsten Andersen/DR.

the Twins particularly welcomes that two of their brands at has been given extra attention.

– What I am most surprised by, is that the sale of our own watches, Dissing and Lugano, is gone as well. The two brands have always been among our top ten most sold, but they have remained in the lower part of it. The two brands are, however, without comparison the most sold right now, says Kasper explains:

– Already yesterday took the top of the most sold watches in January. So it’s really cool! We have +40 brands on the site and so many cool watches from Tommy Hilfiger, Seiko and other popular design houses, so that we, with our own watches can hit as well, it is a great personal success.

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Although the twins were happy to get the two lions on the team, told Kasper that the map after the filming had been in doubt as to whether they were gone for much compromise with their base. However, it turns out that the twins subsequently seems that the cooperation has gone beyond all expectations, and Kasper and Mikkel are today very satisfied with that they thanked yes to the offer.