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Bjarke Madsen raised together with her three youngest children to Portugal’s capital Lisbon, where they had to vacation from 23. december to 3. January.

the Apartment, Lisabonne Terrace Family, as they had booked via the so perfect on the pictures, and the family rejoiced to come to the south.

But the apartment did not meet the promised. According to Bjarke Madsen smelled of mold in the apartment, and that dripped water down from a hole in the ceiling.

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No compensation
Bjarke Madsen complained to the and desired compensation. This would however, do not give him. In an email, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of, refuse to provide compensation, even though they acknowledge that there is mold in the apartment.

– We have followed up your complaint with the accommodation, but unfortunately cannot be offered compensation in this case. Lisabonne Terrace Family informs that there was a hole in the wall tucked in the corner to vent, so there will be more mold in the apartment due to a previous water damage, writing in an email to Bjarke Madsen.

As you can see in the video at the top of the article, runs just more water down through the hole, which the landlord had made.

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Continued hiring is the problem
Bjarke Madsen is irritated over the lack of compensation, but what really bothers him is that still the landlord the holiday apartment.

the Problem is that they continue to rent it out, knowing that there is something wrong. They’ve got information about it here, and the landlord admits that there is something wrong, but still lets the apartment standing there. It is not enough that they just say that we have raised it over to the landlord, and he has promised to do something about it. They are the need to take the opportunity of the website, says Bjarke Madsen to Ekstra Bladet.

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Took the entire deposit
During your stay, a tv in pieces in the apartment, but the landlord would not come and see on the television. The landlord would just have a picture of it. Bjarke Madsen is in doubt as to what happened with the television. He refuses not, to the broken tv may be his fault, but he seems the procedure from and the landlord has been strange.

because of the broken tv paid not a deposit of 300 euros back to Bjarke Madsen.

– I have not received any inventory around the television. They have just taken the 300 euros, because it was the amount I had paid in deposit. Now then, given me 200 euro back in the hope that I so want to talk nicely about them, says Bjarke Madsen.

It is only after that the Extra Leaf has turned to that they have recovered 200 euro for Bjarke Madsen.

– They can send enough money back to me, but it is compared to all the other people who go to see the apartment and thinking, ‘not a nice apartment, nice view’. They write not, after all, that there actually is mold, the hole in the ceiling and it rains down when overboen goes in the bath. It writes the the the not, says Bjarke Madsen.

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Ekstra Bladet has tried to ask questions to They only wanted to reply to email via their Danish press contact.

– In this case, we have apologized to the customer’s experience on the site and provided them with 200 euros, and follow up with the owner, as they make the necessary repairs, write in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Why remove In is not the apartment from the website, until you are sure that it lives up to the described?

– is in contact with the owner to ensure that the necessary repairs be carried out to ensure that expectations are met for future stay, writes

Lisabonne Terrace Family rented is still on