Television viewers have several times in the course of the Medinas life got a glimpse of her everyday life, and now to the point that soon they can get it again.

the 37-year-old Medina, who among other things has helped in the 2019 edition of ‘Top of the pops’, ‘Access with Abdel’, where a tv crew is following her visit to a refugee camp in Jordan, as well as ‘Felix moves in’, where the tv-host Felix Smith in 2012 moved in with Medina and followed her in a period of time.

Now she is again followed by a camera crew. It was clear, when she on Tuesday evening appeared to Søren Le Schmidt’s show for fashion week in Copenhagen.

Shortly before showstart arrived with a camera crew in the back of the neck, and since it was the chitchat with the press, Soren Le, Schmidt and the other celebrity guests, followed the same camera crew also her slightest movement.

the Singer himself was, however, not much to tell, what shots should be used, when Ekstra Bladet asked her about it.

– It’s just … uh, we shall see, said the singer with a big grin.

– But we can rejoice to see a tv-program with you?

– Maybe. Maybe not. We see it happening, it sounded from the mysterious Medina.

Medina had a camera crew with him when she visited Søren Le’s fashion show. Photo: Anthon Unger

in return, she would like to talk about the career change she recently made, when she threw herself over the film industry with the short film ‘Bigger than us’, where she even plays the starring role.

If it stands to the Medina itself, it becomes far from her only experience with the industry.

– I’ve written the short film into a feature film, told the Medina.

It was only the other day, she wrote the film finished. Therefore, she could not say when the movie comes – or if it at all comes.

– Maybe it will become something, maybe it would never to anything, she said, and reiterated that she remains in full time with musikkarrieren.

For the fashion show she had taken her boyfriend, ten years younger Malo Chapal, with him. The two announced in march 2019, that they had been engaged ‘some time ago’, as they said at the time.

the Couple are not yet married, but the planning of the wedding is in full swing.

– It goes so nice (with bryllupsplanlægningen, ed.), Medina said, which, however, would not reveal whether the ceremony takes place in the course of this year.

– We have set a date. But I say not to you, said she.

There was the kiss and the love between the betrothed pair during the fashion show. Photo: Anthon Unger