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you have To find a both personally and professionally well-founded firsthand to Caroline She career, enters Frederik Løchte Nielsen emerged as one of the foremost of its kind.

The former Wimbledonvinder came home in Denmark her start, and since he has, for years, been in the itinerant tenniscirkus, been her hittingpartner and has also been her friend.

While he himself, with admiration have followed her process, has at the same time he carried on a growing irritation over to see how the big part of her countrymen have been lacking the ability to do the same.

– Caroline Wozniacki is number one in the world, yeah, yeah, but she has not won a grand slam yet. And it is she, because she plays many tournaments. And so is she, incidentally, a pole.

– I get so anger when I hear it, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

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– It’s really great what she has done. She has had a superb career, and the statistics speak for themselves.

– We have the number one in the world’s most competitive sport, and we can still find a lot of things that are in the way. Just try to hear yourself.

on the other hand, we are sitting – without that I need to bother anyone – and welcome to the sports, which are not specifically many competing in. Where is the perspective? I don’t understand it.

Frederik Løchte Nielsen himself knows subsequently to be measured at a large profit. Here he is with his Wimbledon trophy from doublerækken in 2012. Photo: Mie Brinkmann
He does not hesitate to call the phenomenon of ’a cosmic balance’.

– We are so quick to say that it’s not good enough. A large part of the danes is only properly satisfied if it is champagnebold in the sport in general.

– Size words, we are a pygmæland in the sporting context. We are very excited for a great result, but it is not at least followed up with similar results, so it is not good enough. First you have made a great achievement, so you measured on in the future.

– And expresses great ambitions, it becomes often misunderstood at home. You have them, people think that you probably also is a båtnakke. The balance between self-confidence and negative arrogance can be difficult for athletes to control, think Frederik Løchte Nielsen, who thus moves into it, there in his eyes inspires the most respect for Caroline.

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Namely, the delicate balance, she as a human being, has managed to keep along the way.

Although she has become a world star, so she has always been down-to-earth, speaking nicely to people, and behaving properly towards other people.

– It is the biggest credit I can give her. She has maintained his Danish core values and combined them with international and ambitious drive but still with respect for the people around him. And therefore it has also been easy to back up on her project.

– She has been a good friend and a good person at the same time that she has been a world star, says the newly appointed Davis Cup captain, before he chokes back:

– She made a dream, and so she has to work hard to achieve it.

– She has had an international perspective and an international ambition that has gone out of the Danish environment, and the opportunities could not offer her home in Denmark.

– She has done it in a determinate, but not unsympathetic way. She has sought the help she could get, first here and since the other places, and she has always done it in a proper way.

– My experience is not that she has burned bridges in Denmark. She has taken some business choices here and there, but I don’t feel she has gained enemies, and people have been able to understand that she has big ambitions. I think that Tennis-Denmark has always been proud of her and supported her, believes the 36-year-old tennisveteran.

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