It is in its place, that Russia has been excluded for four years from the international sporting events of The International anti-doping agency (Wada).

It believes the minister of culture, Rasmus Prehn (S), who is happy that Wada ‘in the light of the gravity of the case will activate the toughest sanctions’. It he says in a written comment.

– I hope that we internationally can learn from this scandal, as the international fight against doping forward can be strengthened on the basis of the knowledge that has come forward, and that the scandal may ultimately lead to a strengthened global antidopingsystem and strengthened international cooperation in this area, says the minister.

At the end of 2015, revealed a Wada-commissioned report from Richard McLaren, to Russia, for several years, had systematically cheated with tests for many of the country’s athletes.

It led initially to the, to Russia’s atletikforbund was excluded from international athletics for an indefinite time, and here the country remains suspended.

The Russian anti-doping agency (Rusada) was also suspended, but in september 2018 was the suspension lifted.

the Prerequisite was, however, that Russia supplied a large amount of dopingdata from the scandal hit laboratory in Moscow, but as the data was handed over, had been tampered with.

Therefore, the selected Wada on Monday to give Russia a quarantine of four years.

Team Denmark-director, Lone Hansen, is pleased with the quarantine.

– Doping is one of eliteidrættens black sides and is undermining the sport’s credibility and fascinationskraft.

– Russia’s lack of response over the years has had major consequences for the athletes both in and outside of Russia. It must have exceptionally hard consequences, when there are being cheated and manipulated in a magnitude, as Russia has done, she says in a press release.

Lone Hansen believes that the punishment from Wada is tough, but fair.

– We must cherish a responsible elite sport – both in Denmark and internationally. It means, among other things, that we need to beat down hard on doping and, in particular, protect the athletes against the state-controlled doping, as we have seen in Russia, she says.

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