He was Inger Støjbergs nearest adviser for ten years.

– So I tell myself, I know a little bit about what happens at Christiansborg palace in copenhagen and in the Danish policy. And I am pleased to give the readers insight in what is going on in the scenes, says Mark Thorsen.

now ex-spin doctor to be political spin-commentator on EB TV and in the newspaper as well as writing in public Opinion. He has burned for politics, since he was seven years old. Then he read everything about the topic on the text-tv. The page is only the medium changed, not the substance.

the 36-year-old Mark Thorsen protests that although he has worked for a Left-minister, readers need not expect that he will continue with the Extra Leaf. He will not just ’bashe’ social democrats and politicians from the red parties in its columns.

– I have vouched for me, of course, inheritance and debt, it is clear. But the Left, and Inger (Støjberg, red.) can expect the same nådesløshed from my side, as all others can.

is Mark Thorsen in the first post out with an analysis of the embarrassing situation for the Liberal party’s new president, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen. Partiformanden has, according to Thorsen, is not exactly have a promising start to the record.

– He is faced with a big challenge, and I would like to put it into words.

Mark Thorsen is well aware that one must be robust, to say something on EB.dk, Denmark’s largest news site. The readers of public Opinion to give their opinion. And like right on, clearly and distinctly.

I have no problems with. And I also have some experience from my previous job to be greeted by strong opinions. It will only be me, if there are attitudes to it, I write, ” says Mark Thorsen.

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