With rapid steps, and a little bit confused comes Annette Heick in the door at a restaurant in the vicinity of the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen.

the next morning, she has been out to give voice to a cartoon, and now she can just reach a lunch and an interview, before she must proceed to the tests on the large-scale musical ‘Mamma Mia’, which had its premiere 22. January.

Here holds she is starring as Donna in the musical, which is inspired by the Swedish band abba’s music.

for weeks she has had a long and intense øvedage from early morning to late evening, and Annette Heick has come in his life form. But the hectic flow has also been a challenge for her.

– I have run the central park. for a long time. First I had julekoncerter in december and so nytårskoncerter ago 2. January. It was enough just been to tighten the bow too hard.

– I have eddermaneme spent a lot of energy without getting much sleep, says Annette Heick.

Danish celebrity – 1. dec. 2019 – at. 18:56 Annette Heick ruler in the home: the Man is raised

Annette Heick with the family to the Melodi Grand Prix in 2016. Photo: Henrik R. Petersen

‘Mamma Mia’-the musical is a great setup. Eventually it was set up in Denmark was in 2010, where it received great praises from critics, and the musical has also been set up abroad.

Why is it an international team, who make sure to get the musical off the ground.

The 48-year-old singer, tv host and actor has probably overruled the setup a little.

I had not thought that it would be as much of a mouthful. I had enough thought that it was just the Abba songs, and those I know both the front and the rear, says Annette Heick.

she was wrong, and the long period of more jobs has meant that the bow has been stretched so hard that the string has been close to busting.

This is something Annette Heicks two sons, Eliot and the Storm, have the mark. Especially the smallest, the Storm, of 11 years have asked a lot after her mother.

– the Children have not seen me in several days. I when just to come home and kiss them on the cheek on the night, and so I’m usually taken off again, before they are stood up, she says.

– It is not cool, but that’s how it is here subjects. It is not a job from eight to four. We had to have a talk about it the other day with the youngest. Then he says suddenly: ‘I miss you’. It makes smadderondt to get to know.

– It is harsh too, but I also think that children have the benefit of getting to know, that it costs anything to have a career. Money is not something you pick on the trees. They come because you work, she says.

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Therefore it has also been important for Annette Heick to explain to her children why she is often away for long periods of time, or why all weekends in 2020 is already written into the calendar.

– I have a big care for my boys. As most of you probably have it, I would like to package them inside all the time and take care of them and make sure that they are just skates away, but life’s just rare for anyone, she says.

During the long øveperiode, there have been moments where the youngest son, Storm, has missed her mother too much.

it has also been in the past, for example when Annette Heick in the spring played the show ‘Evita’ in Herning.

I simply had to get him. He did not know where I was. So I had him for the show every day, so he found out how the mother’s life was, says Annette Heick.

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the Same maneuver she has been forced to take in this spectacle, where the youngest son has helped on the work, when the missing was too large.

Therefore there was also a particular Abba song, that got the emotions to spiral out of control for the actor, namely the ‘Slipping Through my Fingers’ from 1981.

the Song is about how time with the children suddenly disappearing, and in particular the first few lines got tears to roll under the drills.

Annette Heick breaks out in song: ‘Skoletasken with, takes off, it is early in the morning’.

– I am a tudetante. I’m looking with the same my little kid walking up the driveway with his little knapsack on his back, on the way to school. So I know that it is super fragile. In two years he goes not up through the driveway with his little satchel, as he is two metres high with a deep voice, she says.

Annette Heick has a close relationship with his two sons, and when she’s with them, she it 100 percent.

the Musical ‘Mamma Mia’ was premiered at the Tivoli Concert hall in Copenhagen 22. January and then comes to Holstebro, Aalborg, Randers, Vejle, Esbjerg and Viborg.

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